​This is a long awaited review. Sorry it took a while for me to churn out this blogpost. I’ve been extra busy the last couple of months plus I torn my meniscus (I can’t really walk because each time I put weight, it hurts like cray and healing time’s at least 3 months. In the mean time, I’ll be wearing a knee brace, FUTURO and Dr.Checks).

​ So I’m currently having a not so fun time especially with filming videos using my Xiaomiyi  a.k.a yi cam. 

This is a video we shot at night https://youtu.be/kbGeXfQZGKs

Another video shot with yi cam of my Olive skink (which I’ve kept over 7 years)

Waterproof casing

Honestly, this is not a bad alternative to Gopro considering how affordable it is and the quality is quite good! 
I got mine from a local seller Michelle in Kuching called EASY GADGET. Her company offers excellent service especially after purchase services. She’s friendly and teaches you how to use if you have no idea. The Yi cam instructions came in Mandarin, you can download the app in Google play to use. So far so good. I’m enjoying every bit of it even though it doesn’t come with a screen/monitor.
Do leave your questions below if you have any. 


Jungle Botanics brings you the vitality of the green jungle amidst 
the jungle of concrete by combining advanced technologies with 
superb ingredients direct from Mother Nature. 
Our mission is to replenish natural energy and return balance
to your skin by using revitalizing elements found in nature, 
and in turn restoring the natural, healthy state of your skin. 
We found our answer in the jungle.

+ Help to cool your heat-irritated sensitive scalp.
+ Perfect for extremely dry and damaged hair.

I don’t review a lot of shampoos or conditioners in this blog but these FOREST LEAVES COOLING SHAMPOO & FOREST LEAVES WARMING TREATMENT are quite the catch.

They both smells like mint candy to me!
I loved the smells, natural yet minty.

 I’ve been dyeing my hair ever 2 weeks to this blonde shade and if you’ve dyed you hair before then you would know how much damaged the hair suffered through these lightening hair procedures (especially since I was born with dark brown hair). 

These two hair products has been a great help because they don’t dry out my hair, in fact they helped to keep the moisture in my hair. I have pretty dry hair and I can definitely tell a big difference after using these products. It’s not bad. You can try if you have dry, damaged hair..even if you dyed your hair often. I was afraid it’ll turn my hair brassy but it doesn’t! 

Another awesome thing about FOREST LEAVES COOLING SHAMPOO & FOREST LEAVES WARMING TREATMENT is that they give you this tingling, warming sensation, kinda soothing. 

You can buy it here www.wishtrend.com


Hello Skinfrosters! 
Chulip has new tinted lipbalms that are so so cute!


I reviewed their other version last year or so and ever sinced then, I’ve been using them almost daily. I’m a huge fan of Chulip!

I was excited when I got these two new tinted Chulip in shade VIVID PINK and SWEET PINK. 

I couldn’t resist the cuteness! 

These lipbalms are awesome for dry chapped lips while still give you natural sweet pink hues to your lips. They do tint my lips which is great because my lips are usually very pale like a ghost. With Chulip tinted lipbalms, my lips has a natural pinkish tone to it all day long. These lipbalms are highly moisturizing as well and doesn’t irritate my sensitive lips or cause any eczema. Highly recommended! 

Chulip tinted lipbalms retails for MYR 18.90 each at leading pharmacies and major supermarkets. 


Hello Skinfrosters! 

It’s been a long time since I last blogged about anything. If you need any updates about me, my personal life, you can always check out my instagram JOSIEONG 

Bourjois City Radiance foundation is the newest foundation I tried. I loved it a lot. It has medium coverage, feels lightweight on the skin and has brightening effect. It makes the skin look healthier. 
The shade I’m using is VANILLA which suits my skintone really well. This Bourjois City Radiance foundation is great for those with dry, dull skin like mine. I have oily T-zone as well and it lated hours on me. Apply powder if you need to keep your face matte for longer. 

You can now get them at Watsons. 
Price: MYR50++ (sorry, can’t remember exactly)


Hello Skinfrosters, A little update, I moved to http://www.skinfrostings.com please look for me there. See you! image image Today is the day! Sephora has finally opened it’s doors on this special day 1st September 2014 at The Spring Shopping Mall. It is the first ever Sephora store in East Malaysia!! image I am lucky to be invited by The Spring to  attend this lovely VIP Sephora Preview. image The exclusive Sephora event started at 11am til 1pm, emcee by non other than the gorgeous Chien. Invited guests were showered with drinks, champagne, and some finger food, while being entertained with performances by local dancers from Street Family from Soul Dance and Vanity Crew from Street Shock dance studio. image The Sephora staffs gave a special welcoming performances too and it was a hit! Well done girls😄 After the performances, we were welcomed to first hand enjoy what Sephora has to offer. All the ladies eagerly rushed into to test out the products first hand before it’s official opening to the public at 2pm later. image Sephora houses not only their own private label, but also plenty of international brands as well. Lots of pictures ahead! image NYX counter always so popular! image image So pretty right? Look at the colors 😄 image image image image image image image Glamglow!! It’s the most famous mask widely used by Hollywood celebrities because it’s a miracle mask that cleans, unclog pores, tightens and your skin will appear much healthier after use. image image Soap and Glory! All smells heavenly😄 image image image image image Urban Decay! The NAKED eyeshadows are so rich, pigmented and buttery at the same time. These are my all time favorite eyeshadows next to Too Faced. image image image image image image Laura Mercier is finally available here. The primer and Silk Crème foundation are a must try! image image image image This is the Fix Bar where you can get your makeover from the lovely trained Beauty Assistants in Sephora. Don’t be shy ya! image Sephora private label skincare range. image Last but not least, my goodies and invited guest were also given Rm50 voucher. Yay! I bought some products that I’ve been meaning to try and restock some from FRESH. I also signed up for the Sephora White membership card. It’s free of charge so do apply the next time you drop by Sephora! image I got the limited edition makeup case for FREE! T&C APPLY. image image These are my door gifts! image image Thank you so much to The Spring Shopping Mall for inviting me to this exclusive Sephora opening event. I had a blast!! *All contents/graphics/pictures are Copyright so make sure to email me for my express permission before reblogging or attempting to use them. *Pictures and content are produced from Samsumg Galaxy S4.