A day in my life

It’s pretty hectic, my day to day life. I barely have any time to do anything. There’s always something to do at the shop. I love my job though, it’s my dream job where I get to do what I love. Here are some pictures of my cats.


Sukin Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser

This is my current moisturiser. First time trying out Sukin skincare few months ago and I love this moisturiser. It doesn’t break me out or cause any reaction which is good because I have quite the sensitive skin. What I love the most about it is the fact that it’s a clean skincare meaning no harmful chemicals. I hardly use any skincare that are not natural and have tons of chemicals, preservatives. I used to but not anymore. I’m switching to a holistic lifestyle. Heck, I don’t even use face wash! And my skin has changed to a way better one after I stopped using a ton of skincare. I stopped testing products too. If you’re my long time reader then you know how much products I’ve tested in the past. Too much 😅

Sukin Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser is a light moisturising cream that came with a pump. Yay! It leaves the skin moisturised and matte. Non of that oily residue. Give it a try. It’s very affordable. I got it at Rm29.90 or lower, I forgot. Available in Guardian.

2 Sunscreen mists l love!

Hello skinfrosters,
It’s been a while huh since I last posted, I’ve been absent from the blog for few months due to my busy schedule. Time to take a breather. I haven’t try a lot of products during the long hiatus too. Sticking to my usual skincare and makeup. I’m happy to say that my skin hasn’t break out for a long time..a few years I supposed, didn’t keep track. 

Enjoying the sunshine as of late because I finally get to have offdays. I had to pressure myself for an offday once a week since we opened the pet shop otherwise we’d be so busy! 
I absolutely love sunbathing. Sunscreens are a must. My favorite are spray a.k.a mist type because they’re so convenient! Just spray on areas of your body and you’re good to go and furthermore, they last for hours! Yes! 

These two are my favorite! 

My 1st time getting eyelash extensions!

These lash extensions looked so natural! 

Just got my eyelash extensions done at RJ MEDICAL AESTHETICS. It was painless and took about 2 hours. The results’ awesome! I love how full my lashes looked without any mascara. They lasts between 1 to 3 months depending on how well you take care of them. The first 48 hours are crucial, you must not wet them. The less you touch or wet them, the longer they last on your lashes. The extensions are attached to your real lashes so they’ll fall off as your real ones does so don’t be alarmed when you see them. Lashes tends to fall out anyways, you can get them filled in again after 2 to 4 weeks after your first time. 

I personally love having lash extensions because I have pretty sad looking lashes that are not full. It’s great for those with busy lifestyle, you don’t need to spend too much time doing makeup in the morning as well.