Terms of Use
By using this site/blog and engaging with me, you indicate your acceptance to all of these terms including disclaimers. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, please do not use this site/blog or engage with me.

I reserve the rights to:
-choose which products to review first unless specified or paid advertorial
– decline products that I personally find not suitable for me,
– blog according to my own style, and
– change, add or remove any rights, disclaimers, and terms and conditions anytime without prior notice, so please check them from time to time as continuing to use this site will signify your acceptance to any changes.

Skinfrosting is my blog where I share my personal experience with various products I have used on myself.
I strongly believe in honesty and impartiality when airing my personal reviews.

All the products featured in my blog are either purchased by me, gifts, samples from events, or sent to me by companies (for consideration or review).

Only FULL SIZE items are acceptable for review because:
– samples does not allow me fully experience the product’s full potential.
– so that what my readers read is what they can purchase.

I do NOT guarantee that the products I recommend will suit you. What works for me may not work for you, because everyone’s skin is different and you are responsible for taking your own precaution if you have allergies. Please follow instructions from each respective products and always do a patch test before using them.

All products to be reviewed will only be done after I have tested them for a reasonable period of time. This may be a few days to a week, or depending on the nature of the product it may be between 3-4 weeks use.

FREE advertorial:
– I do NOT take any instructions from anyone.
– There will be NO deadline. I will post anytime I choose to.
– I will write in my own style with honestly and without bias.
– I have the full discretion to /or not to add your links.
– I will NOT pay for postage fees.

PAID advertorial: I will write with my own personal style because it is who I am and what defines my blog. It is guaranteed to be published. Reasonable deadline can be arranged. You may add your company links. I will not pay any postage fees.

I am a blogger, NOT a translator so I will NOT do any translation. I will ONLY write in English.

I am an independent blogger and NOT affiliated to any company/other blogger(s) unless expressly noted as otherwise.

My disclaimer and terms & conditions are final. Please do not ask me to alter or arrange otherwise.

All materials on this site/blog including and not limited to graphics, photographs, artworks, logo, multimedia works and most importantly editorial contents are protected as copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, patent and/or other intellectual property rights & unfair competition laws, and belong either to me or the respective brands/companies unless expressly noted as otherwise. You will NOT in any way, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, transmit, modify whether in whole or in part or exploit any contents on my blog without my express permission.

To enquire for permission of use, kindly email me: jsphnng@gmail.com


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