Trip to the countryside

The countryside offers a peaceful life, everything seems going on a slow pace and that is a good thing. i can’t wait til the day I can move to the countryside, living among animals, trees and all things nature. I wouldn’t trade this peace and serenity for anything else. it’s so much better than living in city. 

Did I mention the clean crisp air, less pollution. furthermore, the humans are friendlier.

Living in a farm would be ideal, with tons of animals.

Growing your own food is as good as it gets.


Huawei Matebook 13

New toy!

My actual first laptop. Much needed and I finally decided to get one after contemplating for years on whether to get a laptop or not for years. this Huawei Matebook 13 was just released this year, April if I’m mistaken.

There’s complimentary free gifts. bluetooth mouse and one year Microsoft Office.

Medjool Dates are so delicious!

Finally spotted supermarkets selling dates as Ramadan is just around the corner. My favourite are medjool dates. They’re so good. I can’t resist them. Great for your health too. Last year, I got dates from the local shops here and as I was eating halfway, I saw the inside filled with cockroach eggs and poop. I wanna gag! Unbelievable.

That is why I’m hoarding medjool dates this year, buying as much as I want and store them in my fridge. Today, I got 4 more packs! 😍 I can finish each box in a day. I gotta stop but it’s so good. I just can’t.

It’s weird but I can only find dates during Ramadan time. Once a year. Why can’t they be available all year round?