2 Sunscreen mists l love!

Hello skinfrosters,
It’s been a while huh since I last posted, I’ve been absent from the blog for few months due to my busy schedule. Time to take a breather. I haven’t try a lot of products during the long hiatus too. Sticking to my usual skincare and makeup. I’m happy to say that my skin hasn’t break out for a long time..a few years I supposed, didn’t keep track. 

Enjoying the sunshine as of late because I finally get to have offdays. I had to pressure myself for an offday once a week since we opened the pet shop otherwise we’d be so busy! 
I absolutely love sunbathing. Sunscreens are a must. My favorite are spray a.k.a mist type because they’re so convenient! Just spray on areas of your body and you’re good to go and furthermore, they last for hours! Yes! 

These two are my favorite! 


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