​This is a long awaited review. Sorry it took a while for me to churn out this blogpost. I’ve been extra busy the last couple of months plus I torn my meniscus (I can’t really walk because each time I put weight, it hurts like cray and healing time’s at least 3 months. In the mean time, I’ll be wearing a knee brace, FUTURO and Dr.Checks).

​ So I’m currently having a not so fun time especially with filming videos using my Xiaomiyi  a.k.a yi cam. 

This is a video we shot at night https://youtu.be/kbGeXfQZGKs

Another video shot with yi cam of my Olive skink (which I’ve kept over 7 years)

Waterproof casing

Honestly, this is not a bad alternative to Gopro considering how affordable it is and the quality is quite good! 
I got mine from a local seller Michelle in Kuching called EASY GADGET. Her company offers excellent service especially after purchase services. She’s friendly and teaches you how to use if you have no idea. The Yi cam instructions came in Mandarin, you can download the app in Google play to use. So far so good. I’m enjoying every bit of it even though it doesn’t come with a screen/monitor.
Do leave your questions below if you have any. 


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