Jungle Botanics brings you the vitality of the green jungle amidst 
the jungle of concrete by combining advanced technologies with 
superb ingredients direct from Mother Nature. 
Our mission is to replenish natural energy and return balance
to your skin by using revitalizing elements found in nature, 
and in turn restoring the natural, healthy state of your skin. 
We found our answer in the jungle.

+ Help to cool your heat-irritated sensitive scalp.
+ Perfect for extremely dry and damaged hair.

I don’t review a lot of shampoos or conditioners in this blog but these FOREST LEAVES COOLING SHAMPOO & FOREST LEAVES WARMING TREATMENT are quite the catch.

They both smells like mint candy to me!
I loved the smells, natural yet minty.

 I’ve been dyeing my hair ever 2 weeks to this blonde shade and if you’ve dyed you hair before then you would know how much damaged the hair suffered through these lightening hair procedures (especially since I was born with dark brown hair). 

These two hair products has been a great help because they don’t dry out my hair, in fact they helped to keep the moisture in my hair. I have pretty dry hair and I can definitely tell a big difference after using these products. It’s not bad. You can try if you have dry, damaged hair..even if you dyed your hair often. I was afraid it’ll turn my hair brassy but it doesn’t! 

Another awesome thing about FOREST LEAVES COOLING SHAMPOO & FOREST LEAVES WARMING TREATMENT is that they give you this tingling, warming sensation, kinda soothing. 

You can buy it here


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