Hello Skinfrosters! 
Chulip has new tinted lipbalms that are so so cute!


I reviewed their other version last year or so and ever sinced then, I’ve been using them almost daily. I’m a huge fan of Chulip!

I was excited when I got these two new tinted Chulip in shade VIVID PINK and SWEET PINK. 

I couldn’t resist the cuteness! 

These lipbalms are awesome for dry chapped lips while still give you natural sweet pink hues to your lips. They do tint my lips which is great because my lips are usually very pale like a ghost. With Chulip tinted lipbalms, my lips has a natural pinkish tone to it all day long. These lipbalms are highly moisturizing as well and doesn’t irritate my sensitive lips or cause any eczema. Highly recommended! 

Chulip tinted lipbalms retails for MYR 18.90 each at leading pharmacies and major supermarkets. 


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