Hello Skinfrosters,

I’m back!

Recently IN2IT was so kind to send me few products for me to try out since I am a Makeup Junkie!


Don’t worry, my reviews are always honest and unbiased regardless of which company sent me. Please read my Terms&Conditions for more information.

IN2IT is a popular Malaysian drugstore brand so it’s very affordable and the quality is no doubt one of the best as far as drugstore brands are concerned.

I have the twin blush in 02 ALLURE.


The left is dusty pink while the right is a cool pink with blue undertones. These twin blushes are very rich and pigmented so use a light hand when applying. Build it up slowly because it can be too much if you over apply. I use tapping motion by slowing tap on my cheekbones. Swipping will be a bit too much for me.

These blushes has very fine powder so it’s not chalky or anything like that. It won’t look cakey too! And they contain honey and Vitamin E for that extra moisture to your cheeks without melting away.


It also came with a small blusher blush. I do like it because they are very soft and doesn’t feel stiff. It’s a good quality brush so I’ll keep it for touch ups if I need too.

ALLURE has fine shimmers and pearl for a healthy glow.



I wear them for quite sometime and they did not irritate or cause breakouts on my cheeks. My cheeks definitely approved of these twin blushes because I’m proned to breakouts especially on the cheeks and this did not do that.

These blushes are waterproof so they can withstand sweat, rain and excess sebum.

It lasts a long time, like 12 hours or more before I take it off at the end of the day.

IN2IT WATERPROOF TWIN BLUSH IN BIT 02 ALLURE is a great one to have especially for makeup beginners and makeup junkies that just love a great blusher. It’s so affordable as well so I’m going to collect them all as they do have quite a few choices to choose from at Watsons / Guardian.


I highly recommend you to try it, give it a swipe the next time you visit the drugstore!


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