Hello Skinfrosters,

Have you heard of the award winning Malaysia’s homegrown brand known as RA8?

Well, RA8 skincare line are researched and developed by SIRIM BERHAD that is based in a Unique patented aquamarine extract naturally derived from the marine eco-system.

I received RA8 starter kit to try. The starter kit includes:


What you get in this starter kit?
1 x RA8 Refreshing Cleanser (50ml),
1 x RA8 Renewal Skin Crème (15gm),
1 x RA8 Regenerative Serum (5ml).

Suitable for both Men and Women.




This RA8 starter kit last me for more than a month and I personally think it’s adequate to test out it’s full potential.

Refreshing Skin Cleanser contains lemon extracts as well as aquamarine extract to brighten and clarify the skin. Lemon extracts contains L-Absorbic acid, which is (also known as Vitamin C). This serves as a remover a dead skin cells which clog pores, leading to acne breakouts. This also encourages the development of new fresh skin cells, not affected by acne. In addition to having exfoliating properties, lemon extract is nature’s best astringent – removing excess oil from skin which decreases future breakouts. Lemon extract is also a natural disinfectant. Bacteria is the cause of acne – which is an infection which uses acne. The natural properties of the lemon extract fight the acne bacteria infection on your skin cells.

Renewal Skin Crème is a lightweight, non greasy renewal cream that acts as a moisturiser. Apply after cleanse and tone. This renewal skin crème slough off the dead skin cells revealing clearer and brighter skin tones. It also has a light refreshing floral scent.

Regeneration Serum is a potent serum that stimulates the regeneration of skin cells to make skin smooth and supple! It contains lemon extracts as well as natural moisturiser like Jojoba oil to seal everything in after you apply. Use this serum alone at night or under RA8 skin renewal creme.

This is the results on my skin after 1 month.


My skin is much brighter and clearer without any problems like irritation or breakouts.

I’m very happy with the results I get after trying out RA8 starter kit skincare. I highly recommend it if you have dull sallow skin and pigmentation problems as it can help to fade my stubborn post acne marks.

RA8 starter kit retails for Rm98 at

Facebook Page: RA8 Cosmeceutical


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