Hello Skinfrosters,

Snail White by Namu Life are extremely popular especially the Snail White Cream that garnered a cult following after witnessed the wonderful results. I have yet to try so I don’t know how good it is although it’s highly raved about, I don’t review anything that I have not try so I don’t know about that but I have tried the sheet masks!

Visit for more info. I heard they are having promotions at the moment!

Are they worth it?

And yes, they are worth the investment.

Snail White came out with their very own sheet masks known as SNAIL WHITE MASK SHOT.

These sheet masks are so popular that many companies are making fake ones. Don’t be fooled by the packaging. The outside might be exactly the same but the inside? Well, let’s just say that they might cause different after effects so I personally wouldn’t risk it.

Snail White mask shots are made of snail extracts. Snail extracts are snail slime slime that is the main ingredient in the Snail White mask shot. Now, slime probably is the last thing you’d want to put on your skin, but snail cream is actually used as a beauty aid and is thought to reduce inflammation and redness, stimulate skin regeneration, and lock moisture into the skin.

I put on Snail White mask shot for 30 minutes although it says here for 15-20 minutes. I felt it benefits my skin more in terms that it’s soaked longer than just the usual 15 minutes.


After 30 minutes, remove the sheet mask and massage in the leftover essence. You can wash off if you feel it’s too stick but I leave it just like that. It does take a little longer to sink in the skin.


After 2 sessions of Snail White mask shot. My skin is clearer and much hydrated!

Snail White mask shot are suitable for all skin types especially dry dehydrated skin because it will help to hydrates and replenish the skin.

Snail White mask shot are available at


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