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Exfoliating is an important part of skincare. A good exfoliator will benefit you in many ways, it’s truly an amazing invention. You might not be aware of it, but your body produces new skin cells nonstop around the clock. It has to because an average adult can shed up to 50,000 dead skin cells every minute!

It’s an important process, but sometimes cells don’t slough off as well as they should, so they can end up clogging pores, which leads to breakouts. You can do your part to help facilitate the shedding of dead skin cells by exfoliating on a regular basis.

Exfoliation is a simple process that removes dead skin cells from the surface of your body. Most of the time when you exfoliate at home, you use some type of face wash that has tiny, sandlike particles in it. Gently rubbing those particles on your face helps scrape away dead skin cells and expose newer ones, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier.

For some people, exfoliating scrubs might just be too harsh. If that seems to be the case for you, try using a mild chemical exfoliator like Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel.


I came across Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel few months back after I ran out of my Alpha H Liquid Gold.

Perfect Exfoliating Gel is an extra mild exfoliator which allows your skin to breath and brighten by removing dead cells.

The ingredients in Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel are certainly gentle but yet work wonders on my combination dehydrated skin.

Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel pumps out clear unscented gel. Apply a think layer all over your face, leave it on for 1 minute. Then massage your face in circular motion, you will see dead skin cells form in clumps. Then wash off.

I will explain further the ingredients in Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel to know why it’s so great!

Sodium hyaluronate is a main ingredient in the exfoliating gel, Sodium hyaluronate has a smaller molecular size as Hyaluronic Acid (making it especially penetrative), and is able to hold more water than any other natural substance—up to 1,000 times its weight in water!

Thanks to these to attributes, when applied topically to the skin it can reach deep down into the dermis to combine with, maintain and attract water. It also promotes skin/blood microcirculation and nutrient absorption, and helps maintain normal metabolism. Thanks to its super-sized hydrating properties, sodium hyaluronate will result in smoother, softer skin with decreased wrinkles and an all-around fuller appearance.

Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel uses pineapple extract as the chemical exfoliator. Pineapple Extract
It is an Antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It also contains the enzyme bromelain that can break down the connecting layers between skin cells to exfoliate skin.

Next up is Ceramide 3.
Ceramides are a type of lipid found in the cell membrane of cells. Skin cells in the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis are a rich source of ceramides. Along with other lipids like cholesterol, fatty acids, squalene and cholesterol esters, ceramides prevent loss of water through the skin that could lead to dryness. They also act as a barrier against bacteria and environmental pollutants. Ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol work together in the outermost layer of the epidermis called the stratum corneum to prevent moisture loss and keep skin moist and supple. Ceramides make up about 40% of the lipids in the stratum corneum. There are nine different ceramides labeled 1 through 9.
Unfortunately, ceramide levels decline with age. That’s one reason skin becomes drier as a person grows older. Harsh cleansers can disrupt ceramides and lipids, leading to dry skin, and some medications like cholesterol-lowering drugs alter ceramide and lipid levels in the outer layer of the epidermis. Diet plays a role too. Eating a diet that lacks essential fatty acids can disrupt skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss. A certain amount of dietary fat is important for healthy skin. Not surprisingly, people on very low fat diets often have dry, flaky skin due to loss of ceramides and other lipids that help skin retain water.

Aloe Extract
One of the biggest benefits of aloe vera gel for skin is that it can help cure dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.Those of you who have oily skin and are prone to acne, the best method to get rid of it is to use aloe vera for acne treatment. Aloe vera extract consists of enzymes that prevent oily skin and help clear out acne.

Cucumber Extract
Cucumber Extract is a natural botanical that offers strong moisturizing properties to the skin. Cucumber is also high in vitamins and minerals to help soothe and condition skin. As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time. With so many useful ingredients in cucumber it can help you in treating so many skin problems. It has become part of daily beauty product into face packs, facials, juice and many other things which can affect your skin. Due to its cooling effect it can be termed as a magic wand for all your skin problems. The cleaning and cleansing property helps your skin tremendously making it soft and supple.

Yarrow Extract
Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, originates from Europe and has adapted to the regions of North America as well as other moderate regions. The word “Achillea” refers to Achilles, an ancient hero. He said that he used yarrow for himself and for his soldiers. “Millefolium” means “coming of a thousand leaves”. This refers to the very small, fine and feathery leaves of this plant. Yarrow has strong moisturizing action on the skin, as it is rich in tannins and flavonoids and has skin soothing benefits. For oily skin and acne, yarrow tonic for skin and scalp is very beneficial and its extract balances skin functions making it a great natural ingredient to use in preparation formulated for acne, and oily skin. At the time it soothes itchy, dry skin, relieving minor skin irritations, healing damaged skin and stimulating regeneration of new skin cells.

Bearberry Extract
Bearberry extract turns up more and more often in skincare. This edible red berry (which is a favorite food of bears – hence the name) has long been used in herbal medicine. It contains something called arbutin, which is a natural skin brightener. Alpha arbutin is a glucoside and potion makers like it because it is water soluble and stable. But more importantly, it seems to work. A one-month study on 80 Chinese women, using a 1% alpha arbutin concentration, resulted in a “skin lightening effect”. It was faster and more effective than kojic acid (another commonly used skin lightener) and it left hydroquinone in the shade. This is particularly good news because hydroquinone, once the most popular lightener/brightener around, is carcinogenic. It is banned from over the counter sale in the US, Europe and Japan.

Alpha arbutin, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have any nasty side effects. However, it is still a form of hydroquinone and questions about its long term safety hang in the air. Anecdotally, it is much less irritating to the skin than hydroquinone at similar or even greater doses. Bearberry is widely used in Whitening products because of the fact that it has sun protection properties and may reduce the degree of skin tanning after sun exposure.

Heather Extracts are very interesting, this plant has anti-inflammatory properties. Heather is considered a medicinal plant in certain parts of Europe. Heather Extracts are Water soluble extract, Astringent, antiseptic, purifying, aid wound healing. It is great for sensitive and/or irritated skin even Acne prone skin. Heather seems to be abundant in flavonoid glycosides, like quercitrin and myricitrin, and their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce joint pain and skin redness.

Licorice extracts are also added into Perfect Exfoliating Gel because it has one of the key ingredients known to control redness and flushing is as natural as it gets: licorice root extract.

Licorice extract is a common ingredient found in many skin-lightening cosmeceuticals and is also used in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases even outside the scope of dermatology due to its anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and anticarcinogenic properties.

Licorice’s main component glycyrrhizinate has been proven time and time again to be an effective anti-inflammatory and moisturizer. Plus, it has the ability to brighten/lighten the skin and prevent further hyper-pigmentation.

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, also known as Baikal skullcap or huang qin, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The root is the only part of scutellaria baicalensis that is used. Skin Care Ingredients Because it has properties that work as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-allergen, it is often used to treat allergic rhinitis, eczema and psoriasis. It has been shown to be a potent inhibitor of tyrosinase activity to prevent formation of melanin, making Scutellaria effective in skin whitening.

Last but not least is the whitening ingredient, Kojic Acid. Kojic acid is an all-natural compound derived from fungi – sort of like mushrooms. That means that kojic acid is completely natural and not something that’s man-made in a laboratory by a group of scientists and dermatologists.
Kojic acid is a beneficial ingredient that can help to lighten dark spots or your overall complexion.

This acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties, but is used in skin creams mostly because of its skin lightening properties. It works by preventing the production of melanin, a skin pigment that can sometimes be responsible for the appearance of unsightly age spots. Melanin is a natural substance that gives color to our skin and is one of the main reasons behind skin discoloration. Kojic acid stops melanin production in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in a lighter looking skin on the top. Although the skin remains discolored in the lower layers, a kojic acid cream can help alleviate at least some of the discoloration.

The ingredients in Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel are excellent in exfoliating my dull sallow skin that has red post acne marks and brightens up my overall complexion. I love that it’s so gentle, without any gritty bits. I used it twice a day and that is not too much. In fact, my skin loves it.

When I’m using Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel, I don’t use any other exfoliator. That will be too much for my skin to handle.

This is a picture of before and after using Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel. My skin tones are much even and you can clearly see that my acne marks has faded! I can’t tell you how happy I was when I see all those imperfections are almost gone.

Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel is very mild and gentle therefore I didn’t experience any irritation or breakouts from using it.

I highly recommend it if you are acne proned, oily skin although any skin types can use, even on dry skin. It can do wonders for your skin as it did mine. I find that my other serums, moisturisers absorbed much better and quicker too after using Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel.




You can get Epiderme Perfect Exfoliating Gel here https://m.facebook.com/Epidermeskin


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