Hello Skinfrosters,

Elianto, a korean inspired affordable beauty brand recently launched an exclusive range of Matte Lipcolor known as BRILLIANT RICHE LIP COLOR made in Italy.

I personally love matte lip products but they are hard to find good ones that doesn’t dry out my lips. I love Matte lip products mainly because they are extremely long lasting and I hate to reapply every time I eat or drink something.

I found Brilliant Riche Lip Colors are just what I’m looking for!
Brilliant Riche Lip Colors are:
☆Transfer Resistant
☆Long Lasting
☆Weightless, Ultra-thin Film
☆Vibrant Matte Finish
☆Intense Rich, Vivid Shades

Brilliant Riche Lip Color are Elianto’s 1st kiss proof lip products and they comes in 6 different vibrant matte shades that won’t dry your lips out, long lasting, transfer resistant, and weightless.

Brilliant Riche Lip Colors are in other words matte liquid lipsticks. The colors are intensely rich and pigmented and so easy to apply without tugging at my lips all thanks to weightless micro-fine pigments in a gelled system guarantee a smooth glide when applying, the vibrant shades certainly brings life to the face.

These riche lipcolors are very very long lasting because it adhere to my lips and dries quickly, it does not budge until you take it off but it feels so smooth and comfortable to wear thanks to the contributing ingredients like Boswellia Serrata which are anti-inflammatory and sesame seeds for hydration.

Did you know Brilliant Riche Lip Color are formulated without these harmful ingredients?

Brilliant Riche Lip Colors are made with unique technology known as filming polymer, volatile oil and gellified system combined with micronized pigments.

Filming Polymer
Flexible film that adheres perfectly on your lips with an even finish. It mantains comfort overtime without tackiness.

Volatile Oil
Ensures the longevity of the lip product therefore transfer resistant.

Gellified system combined with micronized pigments
This make sures that the Brilliant Riche Lip Color glides on smoothly and imparts an extremely soft and velvety touch, sophisticated matte look on you pout!

Here are some Swatches on my lips. I wear different shades everyday!
Shade: SEXY
A nude pink

A darker pink with blue undertones

Shade: IN LOVE
A nude peachy shade
Shade: Blissful
It’s my lips but better color, this is a great one for everyday.
A bright fuchsia color
Shade: WILD
An intense red color

These matte liquid lipsticks are long lasting and it stains the lips. It dries matte but once it set, it’s going to be there for a long time. It lasted on my lips 8 hours top with no touch up. I love these because they did not dry out my dry lips. I would recommend it if you love matte lip products, it is no doubt one of the best matte lippies in the market right now and the price is very affordable too!

You can get Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colors from Elianto E-store or their outlets.

Price: Rm25 each


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