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Hello Skinfrosters, Habalan recently launched ROLLIB the 7th generation pore cleansing tool In South Korea and now it has landed on our Malaysian shores thanks to Sapphire218 a reputable online store in Malaysia. image image image HABALAN Med & Beauty treats beauty like a science. HABALAN was established in 1987 to help those who seek the means to restore their beauty and youth. Since then, HABALAN has worked to develop equipment not only for beauty or skincare, but also for medical purposes. HABALAN is at the forefront of technology for the health and beauty of mankind. image image image image RolliB is the latest not to mention the newest pore sonic cleanser in town, as well as the sister of Pobling. ROLLIB is an excellent pore cleansing tool to enhance skincare products absorbtion by deep pore cleansing and promise to make your skin brighter and clearer. RolliB is an alternative to the infamous Clarisonic Highlights: ☆Contains 150,000 micro fine brushes 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute to maximize facial cleansing ☆Water proof ☆Removes make-up better than manual cleansing ☆Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother & softer ☆Minimizes the appearance of visible pores ☆Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best ☆Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes ☆Portable for home or travel use [How to use] After using, please rinse out properly with warm water to remove residue from cleanser completely so that you can keepthe life span of the product longer. Drain off the water by patting on paper towel gently and keep in dry and airy place. I got RolliB for a few months ago, I love using it. I’ve always wanted to try Clarisonic but so many have told me they purge while using and caused horrible breakouts. I wasn’t keen on trying then, and also the price is much higher than Habalan RolliB. RolliB is much cheaper and very gentle. I did not experienced any irritation or breakouts. Yay! My face, pores are so clean after using RolliB. I noticed less blackheads and I did not experienced acne while using, I was so happy because that is very rare! Unfortunately, I stopped few days ago and guess what, I started to breakout on my chin! Cystic acne! Well, it’s a sign that I should continue to use RolliB. Next up is the comparison between Pobling and RolliB! image Pobling is the Blue one and RolliB is the Gold one. From the packaging, Pobling’s are much more vibrant but RolliB has a sophisticated sleek look. image RolliB is bigger and taller. The buttons are different as well. The brush head of RolliB and Pobling are the same. image The buttons on RolliB is oval and diamond for Pobling. image RolliB has a much sturdy stand with a crater design. It doesn’t fall off easily as compared to Pobling. image The bottoms are round for RolliB and triangular for Pobling. image After I measured them both, RolliB is much taller and bigger at the hold for ease of use. Pobling’s handle is shorter. Now that I’ve done the comparison, you can judge and see which is for you. I personally prefer RolliB because it’s Gold in color and it’s much bigger and taller. Easy for me to get around. They are both very similar in designs and functions so read up on it to find which you prefer! Read my review on Pobling here RolliB is very new so less people sell them but you can get from Sapphire218

Price for RolliB only is RM115 If RolliB + Replacement head brush is RM155 image Price including postage to west Malaysia:D + RM5 for postage to East Malaysia


10 thoughts on “ROLLIB REVIEW

  1. Do you use this every day ? I read about probling that it`s good to use it 2-3 times a week . I wonder if it has some side effects if you use rollib every day


    1. I use RolliB both day and night. I have skin that is pretty sensitive but RolliB did not irritate my skin at all. My skin is so much cleaner and less blackheads, clogged pores! This is really a good one. But try it once a day if you just started using so that it doesn’t irritate. If it’s fine, then you can use more often.


      1. Thank you very much . I am not sure about the pressure you need to apply , as the instructions are not in english , and the brush seems soo soft that i am unsure if i should use more presure or not .


      2. You’re welcome! I do put pressure on irritation and cleans really well. The brush are meant to be that way so that it’s not too harsh on the skin unlike Clarisonic which can irritate skin and cause the skin to purge.


  2. Hi! I would like to know if the head of Pobling can be used for RolliB? If not, where can i buy the head replacement for RolliB? Thank You!


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