Tea Tree Remedy, Wonder from Down Under!

Essential oils have been used for healing and medicinal purposes for centuries. I personally have been using tea tree oil for many years since I was a teen, I mainly use it for my hormonal acne. My acne was a lot worse last few years, it was adult acne which was difficult to treat. Tea tree oil have been my constant treatment when it comes to acne because It helps to heal my acne faster without irritation and now it helps to resolved my eczema! I have a rare type of eczema known as Nummular Eczema that shapes like a round coin. There is no cure as told by my dermatologist but is there?

I was given Tea Tree Remedy from the brand Four Cow Farm to treat my problematic skin.

Tea tree have many other benefits as well besides treating eczema, acne including cuts, abrasions, mosquito bites, nappy rash, and scrapes.



Tea tree remedy has some great qualities that may help to improve different ailments, including eczema.

☆It can be Anti-septic. Helps to soothe your skin. This may help to prevent further skin damage.

☆Anti-inflammatory. As a natural anti inflammatory it reduces the symptoms of inflammation. This in turn can help reduce any itching.

☆Anti-itch. Helps to ease the itch. When you stop scratching, you will help to prevent damaging your skin. Avoiding the itch-scratch cycle.

☆Anti-bacterial. Can help reduce the chance of infection. So reducing the risk of your eczema spreading.

I applied some on my sunburn skin, it soothe and calm the redness. Usually sunburned skin will peel, flakes because of the dryness but that didn’t happen after I applied tea tree remedy.

Same goes for my eczema, it completely soothe the irritated red skin from itching non stop. Skin don’t feel as dry as well. It doesn’t sting when applied on open wounds, not as bad as other antiseptic ointments.

Tea tree oil comes from the Australian paperbark tree and has been used traditionally as a folk remedy by Australian aborigines. There are close to 300 varieties of Melaleuca alternifolia (the Latin name for the tea tree), but only one produces the medicinal oil. Tea tree oil became popular in the 1920s after Australian servicemen reported its therapeutic uses. In 1922, the Royal Society of New South Wales reported that the oil was a particularly effective antiseptic.

Four Cow Farm Tea Tree Remedy has soothing effects that can be use on anything be it blisters or sunburn.

They are made of natural and organic ingredients such as:

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, natural beeswax, certified organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) pure essential oil, rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract.

A wonderful 100% natural protective balm made from Natural Beeswax and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Castor and Macadamia Oils, with the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil. Castor Oil is chosen for its anti-inflammatory actions and Macadamia Oil for its rich, moisturising properties. Perfect for soothing inflamed or itchy skin.

Macadamia nut oil is a stable oil that is good for all skin types. However, it is specially beneficial for dry and mature skin due to its high concentration of palmitoleic acid. In fact, this oil has the highest amount of palmitoleic acid than any other plant oil. This acid is naturally present in human sebum of young individuals. However, the amount reduces considerably as one ages. Hence, this oil is specially useful for the skin of old people. It softens and moisturizes the skin and also helps in healing mild wounds.

Castor oil is a natural plant oil from the seed of castor plant. It is rich in ricinoleic acid, which possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which contributes to a beautiful body.

Tea tree remedy is a potent balm with all of these wonderful ingredients mixed all together. It’s truly a wonder from down under!

Four Cow Farm products are very gentle yet effective due to the quality and potent ingredients added into the mixture to create tea tree remedy.

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2 thoughts on “Tea Tree Remedy, Wonder from Down Under!

  1. I’ve always loved tea tree oil! Will definitely look into this brand. I’ve relied on baby products for years and still use baby lotions, bath liquids and powders. If it’s good enough for baby, it’s good enough for me!


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