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Hello Skinfrosters,

Introducing an organic and natural brand Four Cow Farm from down under, Australia.

Thanks to Four Cow Farm Malaysia for the awesome handcrafted natural products.

Traditionally handcrafted from Nanna’s original recipes, our 100% Natural & Organic Baby Creams and Balms are made right on our family farm.

Our products contain no parabens, propylene glycol, sulfates (ALS/SLS/SLES), cocamidopropyl betaine, artificial fragrances or colours, synthetic detergents, petrochemicals or petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils, lanolin, chlorinated water or phthalates. And our products are always carefully made, and always over very low heat, so as to ensure they retain all the natural antioxidants, benefits and nutrients of the original ingredients.

Four Cow Farm is now available in Malaysia, these products are originally made for babies, toddlers but I find that it worked very well on my skin. Obviously I’m not a kid anymore but I love these products for my sensitive, itchy skin.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on Calendula Remedy.

Made with over 80% Organic Calendula-Infused Olive Oil, slowly infused over days, with the added beneficial properties of Vitamin E and Organic Roman Chamomile, this balm contains no added fragrances or colourings, retaining Calendulaโ€™s rich, natural smell and colour.

Calendula remedy comes in a 50g tub.


The balms are not hard to scoop out because the solids are much softer.




Although it came in a tub like this, I use a spatula to scoop the products out to avoid contamination. I never use my fingers to dip into the balm because that is unhygienic.

The balms are scent free, it does have a slight hint of Calendula.

What is Calendula you might ask, Marigold or more commonly Calendula has been used medicinally for centuries. Traditionally, it has been used to treat conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eczema, gastritis, minor burns including sunburns, warts, and minor injuries such as sprains and wounds. It has also been used to treat cramps, coughs, and snake bites. Calendula has a high content of flavonoids, chemicals that act as anti-oxidants in the body. Anti-oxidants are thought to protect body cells from damage caused by a chemical process called oxidation. Oxidation produces oxygen free radicals, natural chemicals that may suppress immune function.

Calendula has been considered beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing. It has been used to treat a variety of skin diseases and has been seen effective in treatment of skin ulcerations, eczema, juvenile acne and dry phthiriasis. Improvement has been seen in as little as 3-4 days of treatment.

As some of you might know already, I had severe heat rash for a couple of weeks now. The itching are totally unbearable especially at night.

I tried Calendula remedy last week since I haven’t try it. Surprisingly, it calms my itchy skin almost immediately! I have been using ever since then, it’s moisturising but doesn’t feel oily at all thanks to jojoba oil that the balm contained. It sinks into my skin quickly.

Jojoba (pronounced as ho ho ba) has a high content of vitamin E, which promotes regeneration of skin cells. Also, it is able to penetrate deeply into skin cells forming a membrane, which helps to retain moisture, prevents dryness or flakiness of the skin.

Jojoba oil has a beneficial effect on skin problems, treats acne and affects other inflammations and skin diseases such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis.

My skin has improved so much after using Calendula remedy, it has become a staple product for my eczema proned skin.


I highly recommend it for problematic skin especially babies, toddlers because they are so gentle and very effective. It doesn’t matter if your kids accidentally eat them, after all they are natural edible products.

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East Malaysia stock up on Four Cow Farm products as well here at

Do watch out for the upcoming reviews on more Four Cow Farm products!



  1. Having recently fallen in love with the Kiehl’s Calendula cleanser, the word calendula now has me perking up my ears. I’m really interested in this Indie brand and it’s even better that you are using it given that we both suffer from a similar thing. You shall be my go-to-gal for recommendations!


    1. Yes! Calendula is the best ingredient I’ve discovered for my eczema, Four Cow Farm is a no nonsense brand I’m so glad my skin loves it! Wow! Kiehls have Calendula products? I must check it out!


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