Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse Review.

Hello Skinfrosters,

I hope you doing well on a cloudy friday, the weekend is finally here!

Today I have another Beauty Talk product to share. It is part of the Oxy range, I did a review on OxyMask here!

The new “Beauty Talk” OxySolution Mousse, is a superior non-irritating cleanser and make-up remover for fragile skin, or skin with minor abrasions. The special formula is gentle as water and non-irritating. Hypo-allergenic, it may be applied even around your eyes!



One easy press creates a foamy lather. Liposome conduction technology employs tiny molecules to thoroughly clean dermal impurities and makeup. Rich oxygenating essences and moisturizing factors penetrate deep within your skin to activate dermal cells from the inside out. Surprisingly delicate and clean, your skin will feel supple and moisturized

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse
Cleanses, removes makeup, moisturizes, nourishes, and oxygenates skin; no surfactant applied, no need to rinse off.

Ingredients:Perfluorodecalin、Trehalose、Sorbitol、Cucumber Extract、Aloe Extract

Skin type:For all skin types.

I have combination skin that’s easily dehydrated so I tend to stay away from foam cleansers because they can be a bit too drying for my liking but somehow Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse didn’t dry out my skin! Most foam cleansers leave a tight feel on my skin but this did not do that. And it removes my makeup effectively as well without irritation.

I use OxySolution Mousse on full face of makeup with my RolliB for 2 minutes or so and then wipe of with tissues or cotton pads. No rinsing required but you can wash off with water if you want to.

My makeups are all very long wearing so they are waterproof, smudge proof.
OxySolution Mousse removes bb creams, long lasting foundations, lip stain, cheeks stain. It removed my waterproof eyeshadows but not my waterproof mascara. It’s understandable that it can’t completely remove my eye makeup because the mascara I use are very stuborn! Even when I use good waterproof eye makeup remover, it not easy to remove.

Pump sufficient amount on your hands and massage in circular motion until all makeup are off.

I use OxySolution Mousse in the morning as well even though I don’t have makeup on. It cleans very well without stripping my skin natural oil.


This is week 2 of using Beauty Talk OXYSOLUTION MOUSSE. You can see my skin has become clearer and brighter! I haven’t experience any breakouts so far. *Fingers crossed

This is the 3rd week of using OxySolution Mousse. I can see and feel my skin is less oily and clearer as well. I love that it shows great improvement every week! I’m so loving it!!

I am loving everything about OxySolution Mousse! It removes stubborn makeup, exfoliate, purify, and brightens my skin without any problems. I highly recommend it!

My skin have been loving this mousse cleanser and you can see that my skin has less redness and no breakouts while using Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse! I love how it get rid of the excess sebum without stripping my skin natural oil and no tightness as well!

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse retails for Rm 105.00 at [Beauty and Me]


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