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Today, I’ll be sharing with you the bestselling jelly mask from Taiwan, known as Annie’s Way Italy Red Wine Jelly Masks! I had a chance to try all thanks to Annie’s Way Jelly Mask Gallery

Annie’s way jelly mask has several variety to choose from, Italy Red wine is one of them.

Annie’s Way Italy Red Wine Jelly Masks has generous amount in a huge tub! 250ml can last me a long time, maybe more than 6 months. It came with a spatula.

At the side of jelly tub, you will see a silver round seal with butterfly imprint on it. It will state ‘VOID’ after you have opened the jelly mask. Do not use it if it has been opened for hygienic purposes.

Annie’s Way was established in 2009. Due to the Taiwanese used 120 million sheets of facial masks a year. Brands and type are countless in the Taiwan market. In 2010, Annie’s Way planned a new path for consumers to set up a “dedicated custom” mask Specialty Shops. The function of Annie’s Way facial mask included moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anit -blemish. Currently the most popular jelly ice series and soothing series, fully meet consumer demand for a variety of parts and skin.

Years of clinical study have shown that resveratrol, when taken orally, may boost healthy life span by activating โ€œlongevity genes.โ€ Resveratrol, a substance found predominantly in red wine is considered as a preventer of hair loss. It inhibits inflammation and cell death to prevent hair fall and aids in hair growth as well as giving skin a healthier glow.

Red wine is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks and was used for medicinal purposes in ancient times. French people drink red wine almost daily to stay fit and healthy. Apart from offering health benefits, red wine works wonders for the skin too. Some of these include:

Wine facials are gaining immense popularity with every passing day. It gives a refreshing glow to the skin while removing tan and blemishes. The anti-ageing properties of a wine facial make it even more beneficial. Its therapeutic

Resveratrol is an antimicrobial substance produced by plants in response to stress, infection, or strong UV radiation. In recent years, resveratrol in particular has become the subject of intense interest due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Apply a thick layer on using the spatula that it came with, don’t use your fingers to dip into the jelly tub because we don’t want to contaminate the whole tub!



Annie’s Way Italy Red wine is an anti-aging jelly masks that contains all the goodness of red wine. I love anything anti-aging because I am way past 21 and I want to mantain my skin keeping them young and healthy.

To keep my skin beautiful, I uses Annie’s Way Red Wine Jelly Mask a few times a week. I apply a thick layer on clean face and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before wash off.

It helps to replenish the moisture level in my skin all thanks to HYALURONIC ACID. My skin is so supple! And so much brighter!

They suck out my blackheads, dirt, excess makeup!

I applied under my eyes as well to minimize the fine lines. Yes, I have fine lines but Red Wine jelly mask take cares of it for me.

I highly recommend Annie’s Way Italy Red Wine Jelly Masks! They are suitable for all skin types especially dry, mature skin.

You can get Annie’s Way Italy Red Wine Jelly Masks here Annie’s Way Jelly Mask Gallery

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