SKINFROSTINGS: Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadows review.

Hello Skinfrosters,

Recently I discovered these instant eyeshadows available at for fast and fuss free services.

I never fail to put on eyeshadows every morning but I have to admit that it’s a hassle and I normally take about 15 minutes (more or less) to get them all done including blending them out so they won’t have those harsh lines and honestly, 15 minutes is quite a long time for me who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, so I decided to get these instant eyeshadows to try out because It claims to achieve beautiful eyes in 10 seconds!

Let’s take a look.




You’ll get 6 different shades in the box.



I tried to create smokey eyes using these instant eyeshadows. What do you think?



These instant eyeshadows are easy to use, press them on your eyelids, slide across and you’ll have beautiful eyeshadows that looked like you spent a long time one. If you see any harsh lines, blend them out with an eyeshadow brush but I find that I don’t need to do that because when I swiped ot across my lids, it’s already perfectly blended.

I do think magic eyes is a brilliant product because it helped me to create beautiful eyesΒ  in less than 10 seconds! That is definitely way faster than me trying to create smokey eyes with brushes. I love it and have been using them more often lately to create more looks.

Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadows are available at


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