Hello Skinfrosters,

Annie’s Way jelly mask has been around for many years but just recently I discovered these amazing jelly masks. I wanted to share my thoughts with you after trying them for a period of time.


The founder of Annie’s way – Annie Wu, she advocates for nature, pursuits of quality and style, her believes reflected into the facial mask design

Annie’s Way was established in 2009. Due to the Taiwanese used 120 million sheets of facial masks a year. Brands and type are countless in the Taiwan market. In 2010, Annie’s Way planned a new path for consumers to set up a “dedicated custom” mask Specialty Shops. The function of Annie’s Way facial mask included moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anit -blemish. Currently the most popular jelly ice series and soothing series, fully meet consumer demand for a variety of parts and skin.



I tried the Bamboo Charcoal jelly mask which is the newest edition. Bamboo Charcoal are also known as activated charcoal, it removes toxins, it can also help reduce the instances of acne and other skin impurities you might suffer from. It also works wonders for completely removing makeup.

Bamboo Charcoal jelly mask are great for oily and combination skin because it purify the skin and remove all the unwanted toxins therefore less blackheads, acne, trouble skin.

I have combination skin, bamboo charcoal jelly mask did amazing job at getting rid of my blackheads, it somehow soften and loosen them and suck tjem away from my skin as I wash it off after 15 minutes. It did a good job at calming my redness as well. I love these jelly masks. Why didn’t I discovered it sooner? I’m glad I did, it’s never too late to try.

Sorry for my tired face, it was late when I tried the Bamboo Charcoal jelly mask on. It’s so cooling when I put on a thick layer on my face.
The jelly mask came with a spatula for ease of use when applying the mask. It’s much more hygienic than dipping my fingers into the big tube of jelly.

You can see here my face looks clearer and glowy than before.

I highly recommend Annie’s Way Bamboo Charcoal Jelly mask if you have combination to oily skin or problematic skin because the charcoal will help your skin out by getting rid of the gunk, dirt and toxins out.

Dist water, Carbopol 940、Hyaluronic Acid, Butylene Glycol、POE (60) Hydrogenated Castor Oil、Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate、D-panthenol、Licorice Eco、Methylisothiazolinone、Methylisothiazolinone、Bamboo Charcoal.

Direction of use
1. Clean face and apply toner on the skin as base.
2. Apply Jelly Mask approximately thickness 0.3~0.5 cm evenly by using a spatula.
3. After 30 minutes, remove the jelly mask by scraping gently from outside to inside. ( It will be more effective if scrape forcibly. Especially the jelly mask has softened the blackheads and acne. You will be able to scrape it all out easily.
4. Wipe off with tissue paper after you scrape it all out.
5. Repeat the same action few times, and rinse with water. Apply moisturizer or paper mask as what you usually use. Use twice a week, or as needed.

Rinse with water immediately if you feel uncomfortable in the beginning of use the product.

Warmest Reminder:
For sensitive skin user, use only for 15 minutes for first time, and follow by 15 to 20 minutes.


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