Hello Skinfrosters,

I went shopping with Bros Malaysia last week. I treated myself to few adorable bottles and I wanted to be more Eco friendly by stop using disposable plastic bottles at work and home so I could save up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.

Bros Malaysia has been around since 2004 from plain colour transparent water bottles to colorful and fun filled designed water bottles.

I bought 4 of mine from the Bros website it was very easy ordering them online and I am able to slowy choose what I want without going out of the house or spending the whole day at the mall. How convenient is online shopping!

My Bros water bottles arrived at my place in 2 working days after I placed my order. That’s considered fast as I’m based living in Kuching, Sarawak. And it’s free shipping as well throughout the whole nation.

Want to see what I got?
Let’s get to it!

They came in a huge cardboard box and inside is this gorgeous black box.

It even has a drawing of me. That’s very thoughtful of Bros team. Thank you very much! I’m so touched.


Does the drawing look like me?


Inside this box are all my goodies. Yay!


Now, this is impressive! They took a personalised photo of all my bottles and extra goodies for me..aww! I will keep this forever! Bros Malaysia is by far one of the best company I’ve come across.



Snacks from Marks&Spencer!



Sweet lemons for me to make infused drinks..


Soft marshmallows! In Vanilla and Raspberry flavours.


Milk Chocolate stirrers to make hot choco!


Mini Chocolate fingers


Tea to quench my thirst.

And last but not least, my beautiful water bottles!


I’m satisfied with my purchase, and I will do it again soon became they are constantly on offers.

For more, log on to


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