Hello Skinfrosters,

Today’s post is all about gel eyeliners..specially Miss Hana’s new pencil eyeliners. Miss Hana eyeliners are very and I mean VERY popular in Asia because of it’s quality and partly due to it’s cute pink princess packaging.

Eyeliners are a must have for me in my daily makeup routine, I never fail to use them every single day simply because they defined and make my almond shaped eyes more attractive.

Since Miss Hana recently came out with it’s new collection, I knew I had to try them since they are so talked about by bloggers and celebs.I personally haven’t tried the previous collection yet so now here I am getting myself some to try.

Where I get Miss Hana products?

Well, there’s only one place I could think off, an online store that sells Authentic Miss Hana products and that is, NATTA COSME!

Natta Cosme not only have tons of beauty products from brands around the globe but they also have superb services, super friendly staffs and most importantly, the products reach me safe and sound from KL to Kuching.

They travelled quite a journey before reaching me, bumpy rides I guess.

Here they are.. Lets take a peek!


The black box with gold sparkles are just so beautiful. Natta Cosme never fail to create awesome hard cover boxes and I just can’t bear to throw them away so I ended up keeping them to store my beauty products.

Inside the box are these Miss Hana gel pencil eyeliners in Galaxy Black and Golden Brown.




I love both Galaxy Black and Golden Brown. They looked very subtle and natural on the eyes although they have shimmery specks in them.

Golden brown is perfect for everyday use because it’s less harsh than conventional black eyeliners. It’s a colour that compliments all skin tones.

Contact lenses are from Blincon! Super comfortable for my astigmatism.



Miss Hana gel pencil eyeliners are very long lasting on my watery eyes. I swatched some on the back of my hands the other day, left it on for a few days. It was still there after 36 hours. Wow! It’s definitely smudge proof and water proof.

I am a contact lens wearer, I don’t find they irritate my sensitive dry eyes in any ways or stick on my contacts. I hate it when they do because it’s very difficult to remove without damaging the lenses.

These gel pencil eyeliners are creamy, glides on my water line and upper lids so smoothly without tugging or dragging.

Miss Hana gel pencil eyeliners are hardcore because when they set, they’ll last a long time until you remove them at the end of the day. You’ll have to use a good eye makeup remover.

I’m very surprised that at the end of the day, the gel eyeliner still looked so good, it’s as if I just put it on. This is why they are so popular!

Miss Hana pencil eyeliners are definitely worth to look into especially if you have oily eyelids because they are super eyeliners that stay put when you need them to.

From now until 31.08.2014 you can use this 20% discount coupon code: MHES20

They retails for Rm34.90 each, available at www.nattacosme.com


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