Hello Skinfrosters,

Today I am featuring an all natural, homegrown brand known as Mabel Savonniere. A brand I’m fond of after trying them out for myself for the past few weeks.

Let’s jump right into it.

At Mabel ::: Savonnière (pronounced May-ble Sah-voon-near), we endeavour to keep things earth- and community-friendly and chemical free. This means that each item is made from sustainably sourced ingredients such as vegetable oils and butters, milks, clays and muds as well as herbs and spices. All colours that you see in our soaps and products are derived from clays or herbs and spices – we don’t even consider mica as a natural colorant!

We do not use the following in our products:
– Parabens
– Urea or formaldehyde produts
– Phalates
– Silicons
– Petroleum (paraffin wax or liquid paraffin, etc)
– Animal fats (tallow and lard)

Our products are never tested on animals, only willing human beings (namely myself and my family) and made with lots of love & dedication to the care of communities and the environment.

Mabel Savonniere skincare products I found are one of the best to tackle dry, flaky skin like mine. I have Discoid Eczema or also known as Nummular Eczema. It’s a rare but not unheard of type of eczema. My eczema started when I was younger but I didnt realised it at all until last few years. I’ve always assumed that it was mosquito bites or fungal infection. My previous dermatologist told me it was fungal infection which lasted for quite a while. The meds, the ointments weren’t doing anything for me. I began to suspect that it wasn’t fungal infection at all, maybe something much more serious. I did what I always do, research online. I was right, it’s not fungal infection at all, discoid eczema is more like it. I can understand the misdiagnosed because they do look extremely similar to fungal infection, only that it was weeping, dry, flaky skin and crusty. Gross!

By then, I was already on strong antihistamines, tried steroids to calm the inflammation couple of times for more than a year. I felt my body had been ravaged by all these chemicals. I could have sued them for malpractice but what’s the use, what’s done is done. No turning back.

That’s when I started looking into natural skincare to avoid irritation and reoccurrence. Mabel Savonniere skincare products are what I’m using at the moment.

Since I have eczema, I tried the Enrich Butter to sooth and moisturise my overly dry and itchy skin.




This balm has turn my life around. It not only sooth but kept my skin moisturised at all times even though I only used once a day. I like that it’s not that greasy, absorbed into the skin quickly. My skin is nicely hydrated without being slimey or oily.

Enrich Butter doesn’t have any artificial scent as far as I’m concerned. It’s made of natural ingredients such as avocado oil and butter, argan and rosehip oil.

Argan oil is a natural moisturiser which is great for moisturising the whole body, a wholesome oil for all skin types.

Enrich Butter is a natural moisturising balm came in 50g per can, available at Mabel Savonniere skincare

I definitely will repurchase after I’m finish because my skin are just so happy with this balm and good news is that I no longer experience any dry, flakiness or itch severely whenever I use enrich balm.

Thank you so much to Mabel for making these incredible balms. I highly recommend them to everyone especially those with problematic skin.


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