KANA DNA snail & starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Face Mask review.

Hello Skinfrosters,

Lately my skin’s been acting up again, probably due to long hours of wearing makeup and lack of sleep. As a result of that, my skin’s condition deteriorated rather quickly.

My skin is in need of rescue! I started going through my skincare stash to find something that will help my skin and I found KANA DNA snail & starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Face Mask that KANA MASK MALAYSIA sent over to me.







KANA mask is an overnight turbo booster mask which is known as wash off sleeping mask. KANA mask use the snail’s DNA which is very similar to human’sĀ  molecule as the main ingredient that effectively repair & enrich our skin. KANA mask consists of starfish molecule which can replenish new cells, minimize pores & as anti-oxidant agent. Besides that, DNA snail & starfish, other ingredients like arbutin, Vitamin B3, C, Potato extract,Ā  Virgin rice bran oil has good moisturizing, firming, brightening, treating acne & scars, reduce wrinkles.


My skin was pretty dry and dehydrated before use, lackluster and sallow. I’m in desperate need of extra moisture for my poor skin.

KANA DNA snail & starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Face Mask did very well in moisturizing my skin almost immediately. I can actually feel that my skin is less tight after 5 minutes. I slather a thick layer of the overnight mask and leave it to try then get my good night sleep. You can apply thin layer as well but my skin is super dehydrated that’s why I applied thick layer.

The overnight mask sink right into my skin and form a protective layer over it to ensure that moisture don’t seep out.

It dries down to matte finish so I don’t need to worry whether it will dirty my linens or pillow case. Thank goodness it’s non sticky or greasy or It’ll clog my pores.

In the morning, my face seemed much plumper and well hydrated. This overnight mask really boost my skin’s moisture level. Fine lines are also smoother thanks to the snail extract. Snail extract contribute to the constant regeneration of skin while moisturised the skin. A miracle worker indeed!

The redness I have are also reduced after one night so I used it few times a week to get rid of dryness due to dehydration and redness caused by inflammation due to breakouts or irritation.

You are recommended to use it every other day which means 3 times a week but I used it almost every night. I can’t help it because it’s so good!

This a before and after using Kana Overnight Turbo Booster Mask.

KANA DNA snail & starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Face Mask boast of these important benefits for healthy glow skin.


You can get healthy glowy skin too by using Kana Overnight Turbo Booster Mask few times a week or more to maintain that healthy skin.

Kana Mask is available here:

LINE/WECHAT: huhuhpama

WHATSAPP: 012 525 3626


Instagram : kanamaskmalaysia

Email :


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