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Hello Skinfrosters,

Ever wonder about Bubbles and skincare, all in one together? Sounds like an awesome combination don’t you think? I love a relaxing aromatic bubble baths but bubble bath on my face? I wonder what’s that like to have bubbles fizzing and popping on my face.


What I have here today is the very popular Oxymask by Beauty Talk. If you’re familiar with taiwan talk shows, then you’ll know this brand because all those Taiwanese girls loved and swears by it even celebrities!

If celebrities loved it, I think I would too😄

Let’s get to it!



From what i read, Beauty Talk OxyMask uses Perfluorodecalin (Oxygen Carrier) penetrates deep into the skin layer to increase the oxygen level, and our skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing to gain beauty naturally!

Oxygen revive everything including our skin and it has multiple benefits to keep skin young and healthy. A laboratory study proves that the oxygen level in the skin increases by 10mmHg, 60 minutes after application of OxyMask! The skin’s moisture is enhanced by >60% and the skin’s smoothness by 28%. A long term study has been shown that continuous use increase of the moisture and a clear visible reduction of wrinkles.

This brand new bubble facial mask improved the disadvantage of the paper mask! [OxyMask] pumps oxygenated essences into skin and creates oxygenated bubbles! Now, you can experience the “bubble bath” while inhaling the magical pure oxygen! High level of oxygen improves skin texture effectively! Repairing, cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, firming, whitening, gently exfoliating effects all in one by just OxyMask!

You’re recommended to use it at least 3 times a week for best results.

I’m new to Oxymask especially Beauty Talk products although they are much hyped up in Taiwan, and other parts of Asia.

Lack of sleep and poor diet takes a toll on my skin so a bubble bath for my dull skin is what I need now. My skin is so dull looking sometimes since it is so warm, hazey plus no rain in Malaysia.

My carefully packaged parcel arrived sooner than I thought so I must trial it since it’s so raved about.

I tried it couple of times this week on cleansed face as recommended.

The product itself is clear cream that foams up after spreading all over the face. You’ll have to work fast!

I can feel the bubbles fizzle and pops within seconds! Before you know it, your face will be covered with bubbles and look like Santa Clause. How cool is that?


I leave it on until all the bubbles stop popping then wash off.


I can definitely feel a difference in my skin after the first try. My skin is so moisturised and plumper even my fine lines are smoother. Yes, I do have fine lines because of dehydrated skin. And I’m not getting any younger too.

Somehow it boost the skin’s hydration level within 10 minutes. I know that it did hydrate my skin because I no longer feel any tightness around my nose and mouth areas. Not only did it plump up my skin but also soothe my skin’s condition. The redness is very much reduced and you can actually see my skin glow! Skincare has become much more fun when you can have “bubble bath” on your face. I really enjoyed using Oxymask because it’s fun and so beneficial for my skin’s health.

Ok, now is pictures time!
This is after 1 week of usage (3 times a week)


I highly recommend Beauty Talk OxyMask, it’s suitable for all skin types. Those with problematic skin be it dry or acne prone will enjoy it too as you can see immediate results. I’m sure it would benefit the skin if use continously for optimum beautiful and healthier-looking skin.

I’ll be updating every week so do check back on my weekly progress.

This is after 1 week’s progress.

This is after 2 weeks.

This is after 3 weeks of using Oxymask! I have more redness and few breakouts due to that time of the month. OxyMask cleared it right up, the healing time sped up to about 2 days instead of a week.

This is the 4th week of using Oxymask, religiously 3 times a week. My skin are less red due to post menstrual cycle. Acne on cheeks are fading beautifully without leaving stubborn marks.

Beauty Talk OxyMask is available here:
FACEBOOK: Beauty n Me

Price: Rm230 for 50ml.

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