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As an asian girl, I have to admit that I long to have fair, rosy skintone, not just my face but whole body. Being light skin, fair or white as some like to put it, is very attractive but of course not to the extend of looking like a walking dead with pale ghostly skin. It needs to look as natural as possible like you’re born with it, healthy bright skin I’d say.

If you know me personally, then you would know that my bf is very fair, rosy cheeks just like a typical Japanese man. Many have mistaken him for one all the time, even asked him what skincare he use, what brand. It’s really interesting to see many like fair people is it because they look cleaner, more attractive? The culture, lifestyle all plays a huge part in shaping these thoughts.

Many with dark skin wished to have lighter skin too because it’s more appealing and culturally acceptable. I can’t really say that I have dark complexion but it’s definitely not light as my bf because I’m part Iban afterall which translates into having olive tan skintone. My skin is typically dull and sallow to say the least so I’m on a mission to do better. So, I went on a hunt for whitening products not only for face but body as well.

I went online to look for any whitening products especially from korea. Those girls all seem to have such beautiful skin, it’s no wonder I’m more keen on trying out korean skincare products. And I also think that they suit asian skin better as well. Found an amazing online store called “SUPERMODEL SECRETS”, they have so much stuff and all so affordable! I wish I can buy all but my wallet is not that deep 😉

I found a korean brand SECRET KEY that does whitening products. They are very popular as well amongst koreans or asians in general. After reading all those raves, I decided to try it out myself to see what the hyped is all about! Ordered from SUPERMODEL SECRETS, this is how well they packed for me. It really did ensure the product arrived safely to me even though we know how it’s like at the post office, they tend to throw things around.

Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack is a cleanse off cream that can be used on face and body.




Came in a generous sturdy plastic tub of 200g.


The creamy white cream has a subtle floral scent, as do all korean skincare products. The consistency of the cream is somewhat between a gel and a hydrating cream which makes it easy to glide on the skin.


The product is known as SNOW WHITE MILKY PACK. Made in korea but beware of fake ones online, get from reliable sources like SUPERMODEL SECRETS! The customer service is top of the notch and fast delivery too. Few days to reach me (East Malaysia).

SECRET KEY SNOW WHITE MILKY PACK     promises to deliver all these benefits:
☆Instant natural brightening effect.
☆Radiant skin with no makeup!

SNOW WHITE MILKY PACK are free from these top 5 irritants:


SNOW WHITE MILKY PACK is basically a whitening cleanser that instantly whiten or brighten your skin up to 10 hours!

SNOW WHITE MILKY PACK contained a unique ingredient known as NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B3) a whitening agent that calms redness, inflammation and also multiply the whitening effects resulting in fairer and radiant skin tones.

I was pretty skeptical but after I tried it, I’m convinced. I totally get why it’s so freaking popular. You have to try to believe it.

Here’s is the effect it has on my skin. You can see from here that this product really worked so I’m very impressed with it. I am sure with continuous use, my skin will be as fair and radiant as Snow White!


My skin is not only fair and radiant after using Snow White Milky Pack, but also much more hydrated, all thanks to one of the main ingredient HYALURONIC ACID that boost the skin’s hydration level. HYALURONIC ACID is often called “the fountain of youth” because it is a highly effective humectant, i.e. an ingredient that holds moisture. HA can hold hundreds of times its weight in water and is often used in moisturizing formulas. Indeed it can provide effective skin surface hydration, either alone or in combination with other moisturizing ingredients such as NIACINAMIDE, a vitamin B3 that shown to be useful for encouraging the production of natural emollients that can help the skin remain hydrated.

Snail extract in the milky pack does wonders for the skin as well. This is the newest and popular natural skincare trend at the moment because it contains a cocktail of proteins and antioxidants to remove dead cells, reduce inflammation and help skin retain moisture.

This is how they work to produce great-looking, healthy skin, snail extract contains enough glycolic acid to produce a gentle elimination of superficial dead skin cells, and to help promote their replacement with new cells, formed using the stimulus of allantoin. It also enables cleansing of pilose follicles and favours the absorption of the other natural substances contained in the snail extract.

Snail extract contribute to the constant regeneration of skin while also acting as anti-inflammatory agents.

SNOW WHITE MILKY PACK is now available here:

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