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Hello Skinfrosters,

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time or follow me on instagram then you would know that one of my favorite hobby is herping. Herping allows me to see and experience nature at its best especially at night where all the creepy crawlers comes out to hunt for food, find mates etc. As much as I love herping with my friends, there are some of it is NO TOILET!

And I’m going to let you in on a secret of mine. Don’t judge, just keep an open mind about it. Alright.

Here goes..
I had an embarrassing moment last week during one of our herping trip..

Halfway into the jungle, I felt the sudden urge to pee..oh gosh! I had to find myself a secluded spot to relieve myself. I had a hard time looking for a suitable spot as there were thorny bushes and ants everywhere. Ants that are literally as big as 2 inches long. I did’nt want to risk getting bitten by one of them. Ouch! So I swear I’m never going to put myself in such situation ever again.

*light bulb moment* after the silly incident. I realized that men had it easy. They just unzip and go but we, girls are different.. we have to pull down the undie and pants then squat down on thorny grass and risk bitten by ginormous insects..! Yes, all that just to pee. Why can’t we stand to pee like men do? *sigh

That ugly incident I had led to the start of my hunt for female urinary device (FUD) meant for women in need of a quick easy solution to pee anytime, anywhere like how man do. Gone are the days of squatting in an undisclosed area or peeing in dirty cubicle or worst..somewhere no toilets. My search for FUD led me to GOGIRL.

I recently discovered GOGIRL while browsing online for such device. So glad I found it!

GOGIRL came in a compact tube like this, sealed properly.






My GOGIRL is lavender color. Available in baby pink/lavender in stores.





GOGIRL is a female urinary device (FUD) that allows you to go anywhere, anytime without squatting or the need to find a toilet, basically a new way to pee for the ladies.

GoGirl was introduced in January,  2009 by Sarah Dillion of FemMed from Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is a vessel made of flexible pink or purple germ-resistant, medical-grade
silicone, dries quickly and is durable and reusable.

I’ve tried it for couple of weeks now and I must say, GOGIRL is very useful for me as I love going for jungle trekking, herping at night.

Without GOGIRL,  I had to hold it until we reach somewhere (can be from an hour to few hours) that has a toilet for me to use but let’s face it, holding too long is not good on the bladder.

With GOGIRL I can finally take a leak standing like a man anywhere provided a place where no one can see me! Or blocked by a ginormous tree in front of me. GOGIRL has been used by many women around the world for years now, many like me find the useful, does a great job for women to pee like a man.

My backpacker friends from Ukraine, USA uses them as well during their travel around the world.

Here are some simple frequently asked questions:

Who can use?
Anyone! Whether you’re pregnant, backpackers, always on the go, etc.
Especially for those outdoor lovers like me, or always on the go, I mean where can you find a toilet in the middle of the jungle or whilst hiking?


How to use?


What if it doesn’t fit me “down there”?
Don’t worry girls!
It will fit you just fine no matter what shape you are because the secret lies in it’s flexibility and the seal it creates that conforms to your body. Not only does it fit you, it won’t overflow on you or mess cause you to mess yourself up!

Can I reuse it?
Yes! Of course. It’s meant to be reuse unless it’s too worn out or too dirty.
Just remember to wash with soap and water each time after you use.


More FAQ here

GOGIRL is available in Malaysia. You can order it from

Girls all over the world uses GOGIRL, how about girls in Malaysia/Asia?


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