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Hello Skinfrosters,

I’m sure you have heard of the brand Beauty Talk, a renowned Taiwanese skincare brand highly recommended by celebrities, beauty bloggers, beauty guru, makeup artists and skincare junkie like myself 🙂

I tried out the Beauty Talk 3D Refining day cream recently and I must admit, I’m pretty impressed by it.


The 3D refining day cream conveniently come with pump. I use a pump for my whole face. It’s more than enough actually 🙂 I Let it absorbed fully before I move on to my makeup. It worked great under foundations or bb creams. The day cream itself helped to even out my skintones as it is a tinted cream.




The expiration date printed on the bottom of the box and the product itself as well. That way we know when to stop using it. Expired products be it skincare or cosmetics will harm or cause irritations.



Main Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Mica (Natural Pearl Powder),
Tocopherly Acetate (Vit. E), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Tripeptides
(Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein), Chamomilla
Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl
Phosphate (Vit. C), Cholesterol

Here’s the full ingredients list:


3D refining day cream is a brightening makeup nourishing base cream formulated with sophisticated moisturising and whitening essence to nourish and brighten up your overall complexion. This day cream sure does pack a punch, so much benefits whilst using it under your makeup as base or primer.

This day cream not only gives you a healthy, moisturised skin but also give 3D optical effect that will give you a perfect look. The light reflective cream is designed to reflects light to achieve a natural concealing effect so that others won’t be able to see your imperfections so clearly especially when up close.

This is why Beauty Talk 3D refining day cream is so special!
<Smoothes fine lines>Contains Hexapeptides that penetrate deeply into the skin, nourish the complexion from deep down and effectively smooth fine lines and tighten skin.

<Multi-whitening actions>Contains multiple vitamins: “Vitamin C” fights free radicals, inhibits pigmentation and diminishes and lightens dark spots. “Vitamin E” an outstanding anti-oxidant and anti-aging factor; fights off UV light, strengthens skin’s defenses, prevents formation of melanin and dark spots and enhances radiance.

<Soothes and Repairs>Formulated with Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract to stabilize sensitive skin, it is capable of soothing inflamed skin.

<Enhanced moisturizing effect>Vitamin E fights lipid oxidation, moisturizes and protects skin from UV damage, maintaining your skin in a soft and hydrated state. Cholesterols are also used to help build lipid membranes and enhance the skin’s hydration ability.

<Improved 3D complexion> Natural luminous powders are used to produce pearl-like loose powders. The exquisite and fine texture of the powder gives your skin a natural glow. Your skin will look fabulously natural and makeup-free.  

We all desired to have perfect skin but the truth is, beautiful healthy skin needs hardwork. I know lots of you out there are so lucky to be born with great skin, I envy you because I’m the exact opposite. My skin is so temperamental, it can be great at times but not always. What’s worse is that I’m also acne prone along with sensitive spots on my face especially around the eyes, cheeks. I often react badly to things my skin can’t agree on, that’s why I’m really impressed that 3D refining day cream doesn’t give me any bad reactions like I did with some other creams. 

Want to see what results I get from using Beauty Talk Refining Day Cream? I will update every week to see how good it is. 

Let’s take a peek!

This is the before and after 7 days results. I can feel my skin is much moisturised, visibly brighter and you can definitely see some improvement on my cheek and redness around the nose. Pores are more refined and smaller as well!


Before and after 2 weeks of using Beauty Talk 3D refining day cream.

After 3 weeks of using Beauty Talk 3D refining day cream. My post acne red marks are much faded! Woohoo 😉

This the after 4 weeks of using Beauty Talk 3D refining day cream as my makeup base and moisturiser. My skin is much brighter now as you can see from the pictures. I’m very impressed with the results, highly recommend it for you to try it out yourself for those with post acne marks. The 3D refining day cream did helped to fade some of the red marks for a non chemical base product.

This is how it looked under makeup. A very good tinted base with light reflective particles to reflect away my imperfections. I love how moisturised my face is and I no longer feel tightness around my nose and mouth because I get dehydrated easily on those areas.

I’m wearing Blincon Sweetie Grey lens!

Remember to stay tune for my weekly update.

Where can I get Beauty Talk 3D refining day cream?
Beauty Talk 3D refining day cream retails for Rm150 (30ml)
*Suitable for all skin types!

Beauty N Desire [Facebook Page]



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