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Hello Skinfrosters,

Today I have an interesting product to share with those suffers from eczema, psoriasis, hives, and other skin problems.

If you know me or have been reading my blog, then you would know that I have a skin condition known as Nummular Eczema. It’s an annoying and frustrating condition to have. You’re very lucky if you have perfect skin, don’t take it for granted.

Anyways, I have this patch or should i say lesion of Discoid Eczema or also known as Nummular Eczema that just won’t go away for more than a month now. It’s located on my left ankle. At first it was just a pinhead size but it grew to the size close to 1cm. It was extremely unbearable at night because that’s when it itches the most. I can’t help but to itch it, sometimes til they bleed. It’s like an itch under the skin that you just can’t itch, for those that have eczema I’m sure you know what I mean.

I tried slathering my holygrail Moogoo Irritable skin balm (ISB) religiously but I think my skin is immuned to the balm so it stopped working for me. It does make a perfect sense since I’ve used it for more than a year now. It worked every other time but just not this time. *Sigh* Some might say that that’s not true regarding the fact that certain products will be immune to our skin but it’s so true in my case.

It’s kinda gross because not only does it itches like crazy but it weeps yellowish fluid. When an eczema patch weeps, it means it’s infected. And when they are infected, they heal slower, tend to spread making the lesion wider. Honestly, it worries me.

I gave up on using Moogoo Irritable skin balm because it’s not working well for that particular eczema lesion. Went to Guardian, a local pharmacy to pick up Atopiclair. I’ve not heard much of this brand but I do know it’s for problematic skin like mine so I decided to give it a go. Normally they sell Atopiclair in dermatologists’ office but somehow they make it easier for us to get it now in selected pharmacies. Brilliant idea.

What is Atopiclair?
Atopiclair is a unique, clinically proven non, steroidal cream suitable for flare up and irritation even for babies.

Key Ingredients:
Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E and Grape Seed Extract.
Hyaluronic Acid
Shea Butter

How to use?
Apply a thin coat on affected areas only, 3 times a day. Do not use it as a body lotion. Period.

I used Atopiclair on the stubborn lesion located on my ankle for less than a week and the result surprised me. I know you will too.

The itch stopped almost immediately like 5 minutes after I applied on the itchy, weeping lesion. That night, I slept like a baby without any care in the world because I didn’t feel the need to it at all. Plus point for me 🙂

I applied the cream twice a day for 6 consecutive days and the lesion is almost gone! Only left the hideous mark. I’m sure it’ll go away soon enough:) 


Recently I had a severe allergic reaction around the eyes to one of the products I was using. I had swollen eyes including the eyelids, both eyes some more! It was extremely Itchy and I can see little blisters forming under my eyes. Yuck!

Be warned that it’s going to be graphic!


My eyes were so swollen until I had difficulties seeing things. I tried taking antihistamines but it’s still the same. I resort to Atopiclair.


I applied Atopiclair cream on both eyes for 7 days.

This is the result!

I love how non drying it is on the eyes because it contain shea butter, a powerful moisturiser. My eyes are now free of allergies.


Atopiclair cream sure does work on my sensitive, itchy skin. I would recommend it if you have similar symptoms like mine. Do consult your derm before using them on your eyes because the eye are is the most sensitive part.

Atopiclair cream is Rm58.00 (40ml)



  1. Thanks for this review. Not many beauty bloggers talk about this side of skincare so I appreciate your post. I know I have eczema but I am not exactly sure which type but I’ve outgrown the worst of it as I left childhood.
    That said, I do suffer the occasional flareup and it seems to occur most after prolonged exposure to the sun and after stints abroad where the weather conditions are different from what I’m used to.
    This cream sounds promising – I’ll look into it and discuss this with a doctor.


    1. Thank you so much for reaching out because not many are brave to let others know about these conditions, skin problems they have.

      If you can, seek a reputable dermatologist to know exactly what type of eczema you have so that you can treat it properly if it flares up.

      I’ve tried a lot of products for eczema, and I’m glad most work! I have reviewed other products for problematic skin such as Moogoo Skincare. Check it out if you are interested😄


      1. Thank you for your advice, Josie, and thank you for creating a place to talk about this with a real person too.
        I find that the weather has a huge effect on me. I’m less ‘allergic’ to makeup but skincare seems to be an area with a lot of room for error. When there is a flare-up the last thing I want to put on is makeup.
        It’s strange that I’ve seen doctors before and was told I have eczema but was not told which type. I’ll make a point to ask at a future visit.
        I’m glad to know that this Atopiclair cream is non-steroidal and is easily available because I am aware that prolonged use of steroid-based creams is not only counter-productive but dangerous to the skin.
        That said, it’s so easy to want to rely on the magic of this type of product because my last visit to the dermatologist resulted in a corticosteroid cream and an antihistamine. It was a very effective combination and everything cleared up within 24 hours.

        Thanks again for making a place to talk about this on your blog. It means a lot to someone like me! I will look into MooGoo skincare.


  2. Dear Josie,
    I am make and suffer from stubborn itchy skin patches. A legacy of my almost healed eczema. I am using Atopiclair to great effect. The stubborn patches are slowly but surely improving. Thanks for your tips!!


  3. Hey!
    My GP just prescribed me Atopiclair for my atopic dermatitis on my face. OMG. It was instant relief the moment i applied the cream to the patches on my face. I have got flare ups around my mouth and my eyes which are very painful because it feels so dry.
    I’m only on my first day of using it but things are looking promising. I was using Moogoo too but my tube is nearly finished and I’m waiting for my new order to come in. I think Moogoo produces excellent products but sometimes we need something “stronger” or more “targeted” for dermatitis flareups.


  4. Hello. I have a same problem as you. Especally the problem in your eyes, me too. And i have atopiclair too and i just use it on my eyes. Hope it work as you do!


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