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After I finished my last Bifesta Cleansing lotion, I made it a mission to try something else because I’ve been using Bifesta for a long time now. Why not try something new. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Bifesta Cleansing lotion and swears by it but it’s time to try something different. Haruhada is a familiar Japanese Skincare brand for me as I’ve been using the serums for quite sometime now, perhaps almost a year. Will review them soon, I promised 🙂



I picked it up at SASA few months ago. The bottle reminds me of Bioderma, pink as well. Rm39.90 for 500ml. Made in Japan. Formulated with collagen to keep the skin moist and supple while thoroughly cleanse your face of makeup.

I fell in love with this cleansing water after the 1st use. It’s so good. Removed everything in a few swipes even waterproof eye makeup. So gentle and moisturising, didn’t irritate or dry out my skin. I didn’t feel the need to even double cleanse as I often do.

It’s a great one to try if you can’t get your hands on Bioderma. Definitely worth trying. Will repurchase it again after I’m done with it. I’m already more than half way through it!


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