Natio spa clay face mask are some of my favorite go to treatment mask when I feel a little congested or that time of the month where blemishes are sprouting like wildfire.

Natio is a Natural Australian Beauty company that uses natural ingredients in all of their skincare products.





The spa green clay mask are made with plant extracts such as cucumber, Aloe and lemon to sooth and condition the skin. It also contains kaolin and bentonite which does wonders for combination to oily skin because it’s able to soak up all the excess oil and any nasty gunk on the face leaving it clean.

Spa green clay mask always leave my skin feeling so clean, smooth. Apply to freshly cleanse face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. It dries to a semi hard finish as it’s technically a clay mask but not hard to the point that you can’t smile. My breakouts seemed to heal a lot faster after I used it as it does detoxify the skin while treating my irritated skin. I noticed less clogged pores and blackheads as well.

This is my 2nd tube already and I’m almost out. I’ll be sure to stock up soon. I use this clay mask once a week even when my skin is not acting up as  maintenance.


You can find Natio in SASA.


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