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Ever since I permed my hair, it tangled easily. My solution is to use a detangler to detangle them before I comb it out to prevent further hair loss or damage my hair in the process of doing so.

I came across fairy detangler by Milk, an Australian natural company whilst browsing in Luxola so I decided to try it out. I just can’t stand it when my hair gets so tangled which makes it hard for me to comb through at times especially in the morning.



Fairy detangler smells very spa like with hints of geranium, lavender. It’s extremely soothing to the soul! Just spritz all over your hair and then comb through. The formulation is rather mild, obviously because it’s meant for babies and toddlers but I do find that it worked great on my mild tangled hair. But if you have very tangled hair, I wouldn’t recommend it because of how mild it is.


Fairy detangler is great one for kids, babies whose hair needs some detangling. So far I haven’t experienced any irritation so that’s good.

You can find Fairy detangler by Milk in Luxola.

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