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Etude House One Shot Clean Mascara Remover is a highly effective eye makeup remover. It’s marketed for removing mascaras but it worked on eyeshadows, eyeliners, concealers.
It removes stubborn waterproof eye makeup, eyeliners, mascaras in a swift. It can even remove stuborn or hard to remove mascaras like Majolica Majorca mascara easily!



One Shot Clean mascara remover is made out of part oil and water, just shake them up to mix before use. Although it has oil as one of the main ingredients, but it didn’t feel or leave oily residue. I love it because it makes removing my eye makeup so easy and fast. A little goes a long way so I don’t need much each time I use. If you put too much on your cotton pad, it’ll likely irritated or “cloudy” your eyes.


You can get them in any Etude House outlets. I’m not too sure of the price but it’s very affordable.


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