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Rimmel is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brand, it’s a pity it’s not available here in Malaysia so I had to ordered it from overseas. They used to have in Watsons years ago I think but they no longer carry this brand. Not too popular among Malaysians perhaps?



I bought Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory, the lightest shade.


When choosing a concealer for your under eyes, choose at 1 or 2 shade lighter than your skin tones to brighten up those dark areas. But if you’re looking for a concealer to cover up spots or post acne marks, then I suggest you look for the on closes to you skintones.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer has light reflective properties so it can brightens up those dark areas. It’s very subtle and I look more awake when using.

On me it didn’t fade, smudge or move throughout the day so I it’s long lasting. I didn’t have to use a lot to brighten or cancel out my dark undereyes, a tube of this can lasts me a long time.

The consistency is quite light, thin and yet can cover so well!

What I love most about this concealer is that it’s creamy, easy to blend out, and doesn’t eccentuate my fine lines at all. I love it!

I just wish Rimmel is readily available in Malaysia but it’s available here



  1. OMg , i dint knew that watson doesnt carry Rimmel products already , no wonder i cant find them in the stores already . Btw i love Rimmel products too , its really sad that now you cant buy them anymore in Malaysia .


    1. Hi Pei San,

      As far as I know, Rimmel has left Malaysia for quite a few years now and Furthermore, I am residing in Kuching, Sarawak if you notice so I’m not entirely sure if it’s available in Midvalley or Pavilion. It’s great if they are!


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