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If you’ve read about my eczema problems from my other blog posts, then you would know how much I love Moogoo Skincare products. They are my skin’s savior!

I personally think they are by far the best skincare products for people with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, dry skin syndrome and so on.

I often wished that I had discovered it earlier so that I wouldn’t buy and try all those other products that claims to work on eczema but they don’t, some even aggravated my condition.

After discovered Moogoo skincare, my skin has never been the same. They no longer flakes when I scratch ( that’s how dry my skin is) , reduced the occurrence of my nummular eczema.

This is one of the many products made by Moogoo that helped me to where my skin is now. I can’t raving about it to my family and friends and now my blog readers.

It’s the Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser !


Available in 2 sizes.


Made out of all natural ingredients that’s edible (but I doubt it taste nice, not that I tried it)

Moogoo Skincare products are so pure that I felt safe using then knowing that they are free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens, irritants.

This is the best product to moisturise dry skin as it contains sweet almond oil (high in essential fatty acid the skin needs and love)

These are the ingredients list of Full Cream.


Breakdown of all the ingredients used so there’s no “hidden” ingredients that you don’t know about. Some companies with held these harmful ingredients so we think it’s safe but actually not.



I got the smaller size that came with a pump. It’s great for travel or to bring around in your handbag like I do. I bring it everywhere I go along with the Moogoo Irritable skin balm.





This moisturiser is so rich and creamy and very hydrating. I’m surprised that it’s not tacky at all after I used it whole body after shower. I can directly wear my clothes without any difficulty or “stuck”.

It absorbed quickly into the skin. Smells so good too like milky caramel. The smell is very subtle and natural unlike artificial fragrances that smell fake.

After months of using, I no longer suffer from extreme dry skin like I used to. Keeping my skin moisturised simply means less chances of me getting attack by eczema, unnecessary itch from dry patches and healthier-looking skin.

If you have problematic skin like me, you can try Moogoo Skincare products. They are amazing products that worked wonders on many skin.


Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser in 75g.

For more information, visit:
Moogoo Skincare

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Facebook Page:ย ย  Moogoo Skincare

Where to buy?
Online store:
<a href="HISHOP.init([“”]);”>HISHOP
Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser


In store:

*If you are a member of Shine Pharmacy, you can get 10% off on Moogoo products and additional 2% off if you tell them you’re my reader. So a total of 12% Discount!*


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