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Received Natta Cosme “First Date with Natta Cosme” beauty box that contained all these goodies for me to try it. It’s also my 1st beauty box!
Oreo couldn’t contain his excitement to open it!

I actually received these a few months ago but never got around to do any reviews because I’ve been swamped with works and other products reviews. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, I know all of you have been waiting for my mini reviews. Thanks to those who emailed and reminding me 🙂

I love receiving all these miniature products to try out before buying so that I don’t regret or developed any sort of irritation towards them after getting the full size.

What’s in my beauty box?

Let’s take a look!

My “First Date with Natta Cosme” goodie box came with all these products.


☆Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Lotion
☆Yuan Soap- Eucalyptus
☆Lennox Firm Up Collagen Drink
☆Face Q Camellia and tranexemic Acid Whitening mask.
☆SexyLook Sheet Mask
☆Suntory Collagen Drink

Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Lotion is a light, almost watery texture lotion that act as a whitening moisturiser for those who have combination to oily skin. If you have drier skin, you can apply your regular moisturiser over it. I find it great for summer especially in hot humid country like Malaysia. Because the texture is so light, it absorbed very quickly and doesn’t feel sticky at all. I use this at night after my lotion and serum. I can see that it does brightens my face like a healthy glow without looking oily when use continously. This lotion certainly will be in my “must get” list.

Yuan Soap is something new to me. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this brand before because it’s not easily available in Kuching. I tried it and I totally fell in love with it. I rarely use soaps because they are usually very drying on my skin but this soap certainly doesn’t do that. I’m surprised that it eased the itchy patches I have on my ankle after a few use. And it smells so a spa that calms all my senses. This soap totally took me by surprise! I would love to try more of them 🙂

Collagen drinks are my favorite things after skincare. I’ve tried my fair share of collagen drinks and few wowed me. I can tell by the first few bottles whether it’s worth the splurge or not because that’s just how my body is, it reacts to these things very quickly and I can see results almost immediately. Lennox collagen drinks gives almost immediate results by the first week or few bottles depending on how potent they are. I can feel my skin is less dry and looked like I had 8 hours of sleep, well rested in other words. I didn’t get any bad reactions like acne or allergies like I do from other brands. This is an improved version, each bottle comes with a small sachet of whitening plus powder that you pour inside the collagen drink and shake til fully mixed. I love how it tasted, fruity with a twist of sourness! I love take them every night and wake up to bouncy healthier skin.

SexyLook is a popular brand for sheet masks, they are widely available in Watsons at an affordable price. This sheet mask is a potent one. It not only brightens my face but boost it’s hydration level. My face is so soft and “juicy” looking afterwards. The sheet mask fits on my face nicely, not too big. It doesn’t drip down my neck as well because I hate sheet masks that does that. A must try if you’re a sheet masks lover like me 🙂

Face Q Sheet mask is something I’ve not tried. I love trying lots of new sheet mask brands especially from Taiwan. My verdict?
I noticed that this sheet mask helped to calm the redness and soothed it. My face felt very moisturised as well without being sticky. It does brightens up my dull skin afterwards but I think It can do much better in the long run with continuous use everyday or every other day.

Suntory is a Japanese collagen drinks. I had 3 sachets to try out. Doesn’t taste fishy. For me it tasted a bit like light coconut drink, no weird taste at all. Very nice collagen drink that boost my skin’s moisture level. Tumbs up Suntory!


I enjoyed my minis very much. Highly recommend it If you can get your hands on them.

Where to buy these products? Look no further because
Natta Cosme provides the best service. They are fast and efficient and value for your money 🙂 Check Natta Cosme for more exciting products!


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