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Lucido-l hair cream can be considered my holygrail hair cream, one of my trusted go to brand for my hair because I’ve been using them for years now, and each time I would repurchase. They are so affordable, and they worked so well.


My hair ends are very dry, and sometimes I experienced flyaways or static even when I dont use hair cream or hair oil.



Lucido-l is an award winning Japanese hair care brand available locally in Watson, Guardian, SASA. If you are outside of Malaysia, you can try order from Imomoko or pretty and cute websites.

This is my second tube already so I thought since I haven’t review it yet, why not. I love to share all the best products that I used and loved woth you guys 😉

The texture of this hair cream is quite different from normal hair creams, it’s somewhere in between a cream and gel like consistency. This hair cream is formulated with UV protection so the sun can’t get to you to damage your hair further. Lucido-l hair cream is exactly like a moisturiser with SPF 🙂

I love that it’s non greasy. A little goes a long way so I squeeze out about a pea size for each section of my hair. I only apply where it’s most dry like the ends.

My hair felt less dry and more moisturised, appeared glossy, more manageable and healthier-looking.

If you are looking for an affordable hair cream, give this a try. It’s an excellent hair cream from the drugstore. Definitely a gem that not many talked about.

Retails for Rm15.90

Website: Lucido-l


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