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I received some ampoules in the mail from Sweet Ampoules a while back, I tried them for about 3 weeks and here’s my verdict.

Did I like it? Yes! Definitely. .or else I’ll be ranting instead of raving 🙂

I think they are absolutely brilliant, one thing that popped in my head was “how come I didn’t discovered these sweet ampoules sooner” and this is why I think everyone should give it a go! image

I really enjoyed using these ampoules, I didn’t think I was going to like it this much but honestly, I do..simply because they worked great on my skin.

What is La Belle Ampoule? La Belle ampoules uses only finest natural botanical extracts, vitamins, enzymes and combining with advance research and technology to achieved desired skin result. Skin will show remarkable improvement after usage.

These are the ampoules that I love using. I got 7 vials of ampoules and a pack of Vitamin C mask + Rose toner.



The ampoules consists of:

● Acnex x2 – Soothes irritated area. Contain antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin. Excellence in control breakouts.

● Sooth Hydrating x2 -Intense moisture and normalize suppleness of skin, calms irritation, inflammation and attenuates diffuse redness.

● Cellular Repair x2
● Hydra x1

Normally you will get 10 vials of ampoules in each pack but I only got 7. All ampoules are priced at Rm38 each box. You can refer or contact Cheryl for more info regarding price.

Lovely Cheryl from La Belle also recommended that I follow this regime, which was very helpful. I followed this particular regime until I finished all my 7 vials which took over 3 weeks.

Wash face > apply toner > apply Acnex > moisturiser.

Night time:
Wash face > apply toner > Sooth Hydrating > night cream > apply Hydra & Cellular Repair before sleep.

I followed the recommendation strictly because that’s how I can get a good, visible results from these ampoules. It’s a proven way as well. Just to remember to let the ampoules dry before you add anything on. They key to achieve spectacular results from ampoules is layering. It applies to all serums/ampoules.

I love how these ampoules can be layered one after another, they worked very well alongside my usual moisturiser too!

I haven’t had the chance to try many ampoules before this as some of the ones I tried before are either too sticky or they broke me out, luckily these ampoules did not do any of that.

They absorbed very quickly into the skin with no sticky feeling. My face felt so supple and moisturised which is a great deal as I constantly battles with dehydrated skin around my mouth. These ampoules kept the area moisturised without being oily.


Before I used these ampoules, I had a couple of breakouts. So it was a good time to try them out to see how good they are. The Acnex reduced the redness and shrank the acne overnight. I apply only on areas where I am proned to breakouts or on any active breakouts. I’m surprised that Acnex is not drying at all. So I didn’t experience any peeling or further irritation.

The redness I have are very much reduced after 3 weeks as you can see here. The acne marks are almost gone too.

If you are someone who breakout easily, suffers from redness or dry skin, you should definitely check these ampoules out. Ampoules are basically like serums but more potent. So a little does go a long way. Don’t be alarmed by the size of these ampoules because they really last for weeks depending on how much you use.

My next favorites are these 3 vials of ampoules: Cellular repair, Hydra and soothing hydra. They just makes my skin so soft and supple from all the intense hydration that they offer. The Cellular Repair ampoules seemed to calms irritation and also sped up the healing process of my hormonal breakouts. They are less red and inflamed over the course of a day or 2.

The hydra and sooth Hydrating offers intensive hydration to my easily dehydrated skin especially around the mouth and areas where I have breakouts. My skin often felt tight and itchy if I don’t use these Hydrating ampoules. So it’s a must for me at night to boost my skin and replenish any moisture loss and ever since then, my skin is less tight and skin around the laugh lines are also plumped up. Skin is also soft and clear!

The most obvious results I see after using these 2 ampoules is the fact that my skin looked less dry and wrinkly during the day because I work in dry ,air conditioned room for more than 12 hours which take it’s toll on my skin’s hydration levels. I’m so glad that I’ve found myself awesome ampoules to keep my skin hydrated, luminous and bouncy. Now I can totally relate why they are the bestselling ampoules ever 🙂

There’s a pack of powder mask and rose toner that comes with every pack of ampoules.

You will need a bowl and a brush to mix all the ingredients together. I’m using the Ecotools foundation brush.


After you mixed them altogether, apply it to your face either using fingers pr brush. I like using brush to apply to avoid any mess or getting any on my finger nails.
Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes then wash off. Very easy to get off without sticking to my hair. A huge plus 🙂
It doesn’t dry my skin out but instead, it’s quite moisturising! My skin is so soft and appeared brighter afterwards. I’m definitely getting more of these awesome ampoules as I’m already out of them.

They are my favorite skincare products at the moment, I’m just so obsessed that I can go on and on but I’ll stop now from rambling on too much 😉 do let me know if you’ve ever try them before or planning to try so that I know what you think of these sweet ampoules.



Instagram : sweetampoules



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