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Bifesta Cleansing lotion has been my go to makeup remover for a long time..a few years years now, it removes my makeup effectively without any irritation or break me out.

I personally love to use the Agecare cleansing lotion as the first step of my double cleansing routine at the end of the day. Then I proceed to use the cleanser of my choice to make sure that I managed to removed all makeup before I proceed with my other skincare products.

For me, makeup removal is just as important as other skincare products such as serum, moisturiser or eye cream. If I didn’t remove my makeup completely, I tend to breakout in cystic acne, more clogged pores and blackheads. And that is why never ever go to bed with your makeup still on the face. Dont suffocate your more than you have already.

I was so excited when I found out that Bifesta came out with a new range of products known as ” Bifesta Foam Cleanser “. A free foam net “bubble maker” came with the cleanser as well. In pink or purple. I chose the pink one, just because I love pink things 🙂


There’s 3 types of 2-in-1 Cleansing Wash available namely :
☆ Moist
☆ Agecare
☆ Brightup

Bifesta 2-in -1 foam cleanser is a water-based formula that eliminate the need for cleansing twice “double cleansing”.

I tested it out for a few weeks before I make any judgements.
Easy to use too. All you need to do is wet the “foam net”. Then pour about a tablespoon amount onto the net to start making your bubbles.

The foam that came out is fine, dense and fluffy. It doesn’t take long to make the foam, only about 10 seconds.

Then spread all over your dry face with makeup on, massage it for a bit to melt all the makeup. It immediately dissolved the makeup but not waterproof mascara I’m afraid. So what I do is, remove my eye makeup first before I use the Bifesta Foam Cleanser in the shower.


I enjoyed using this foam cleanser because it removes all of my makeup in just one single step. I like that I don’t need to double cleanse when I use this cleanser.

I even used it in the morning even though I don’t have any makeup on. It cleans my face well without drying it out. I love just using it.

Bifesta 2-in-1 Cleansing Wash is now available in Watson for Rm24.90 (200ml)


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