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I love my false eyelashes A.K.A falsies, Heavy Rotation lashes are one of my faves after Tsubasa Masuwaka lashes. They are so easy to use and the false lashes looked very I just did lash extension.


They even teach you how to use it at the back of the packaging. One pack has two pairs of lashes. The falsies are easy to flex, plus the band is not hard or stiff at all.


Tip: You will need to cut the lashes to suit your eye shape before you actually use them (manufacturers make them longer because no eyes shape are the same). Because if the falsies are too long, they will poke your eyes (inner corner/outer edge depending on how to put them on).





The false lashes makes my eyes looked bigger than it already is, plus my lashes looked fuller and very natural looking.


Heavy Rotation lashes are available in Watson, SASA. Retails for RM42.90 each pack.

I often reuse these lashes for many many time before they spoil or break apart. Each falsies can be used up to 60 times or more. You must always clean them well after use and store them properly so that they last longer.

I’ve actually had these Heavy Rotation lashes for more than a year now but they are still intact. These falsies are definitely woth the price due to how durable they are and the quality is unquestionable.


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