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International Borneo Frog Race 2014.

The International Borneo Frog Race 2014 is this coming 26 April 2014. As a nature lover, how could I miss out on this amazing event.


This special event is held annually in Kubah National Park, Matang to raise awareness and the need for conservation of declining frogs and other amphibians in Sarawak as well as of South-east Asia. image


The Frog Race includes workshops, presentation :
● Talks on amphibians & conservation
● Exibits of sights & sounds

Participants will get to walk a trail at the Mount Serapi foothill (within KNP) for about 2 hours.

The frog race requires you to take the best photos of frogs/other amphibians, the most number of amphibian species found. You can use DSLR camera, mobile phones.

Bring along flash lights, some food, water and camera. Refreshments will be provided as well for light dinner and light supper.

*Limited spot* So hurry up! Psst! I’ll be joining as well, see you there and Good Luck!

Where to register?
Registration Form

Please “like” the Facebook page for more updated information. Facebook Page

International Frog Race


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