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Okay. Jumbo lippies are my current obsession. I love how easy and versatile they are. And of course, Jumbo lipsticks are the in thing now. Solone has some jumbo lippies that I was dying to try. I decided to try out one of the Rose Garden Series Lipsticks. It’s called, Solone Smile Soufflé Lipstick No.11 “Bare Skin Toner”.


It’s a nude peachy tone lipstick in the form of a Jumbo pencil. It’s in a twist up packaging so there’s no need to sharpen for more product. You just need to twist the bottom part.

Bare skin toner to me is like a hybrid between a moisturising lipbalm and lipstick. Very lightweight on the lips too. Feels like wearing nothing because it’s not sticky, you can barely feel it actually.


This is a beautiful peachy nude with tiny shimmery specks without making me look ill or zombie like. Its pretty flattering on me i might add. I’m pretty fair, wearing it doesn’t wash me out at all. At first when I saw it, I was afraid that it would not suit me but after I tried it, totally blown away by how beautiful it is on me. This is a great one to pair to dark smokey eyes. Perfect for a sexy pout!


It’s quite moisturising, I can wear it for a long period of time without any dryness. The jumbo lipstick is scented as well.

This is not a lip stain so you’ll need to reapply, especially after you eat or drink. Even after the lip color is gone, the shimmers remains. It’s also quite pigmented for a non stain lip product.

Solone carry a bunch of them in different colors. I’m sure there’s a color for everyone. If you’re interested in jumbo lipsticks like me, you can give these a try since they are so affordable. Such a steal!

You can find these at SOLONE or any retailers that carry Solone products.



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