Hi ladies,

Today I will be doing an exciting tag, THIS OR THAT TAG with the beautiful Catherine from Canada. She is my sweetest friend i met through blogging. She’s fun, beautiful and her blog is very interesting.

So, I’ll be doing half of the tag and so is she. Want to know more about Catherine? Stay tuned and dont for get to check out her answers to This or That Tag.

This or That Tag
1.blush or bronzer
♡Blush, I can never go without!

2.lip gloss or lipstick
♡oh, I love both..this is hard. I’ll have to go with lipsticks.

3.eye liner or mascara
♡Mascara definitely

4.foundation or concealer
♡Foundation, I’m pretty insecure about my acne marks so I don’t leave the house without any sort of foundations.

5.neutral or color eye shadow
♡Definitely neutral. I like bronze, matte brown kind of eyeshadows.

6.pressed or loose eye shadows
♡Pressed eyeshadows just because I’ve never tried any loose eyeshadows before.

7.brushes or sponges
♡Hmm..brushes I supposed since they are my favorite makeup tools.

8.OPI or china glaze
♡OPI I guess because I’ve never tried China Glaze before.

9.Long or short
♡Long nails, I love having long nails but they cracked and peel all the time.

10.Acrylic or natural
♡I like Natural for everyday.

11.Brights or darks
Bright colors of course, somehow they make me happy 🙂

12.Flower or no flower
♡with flowers please.

13.perfume or body splash
♡Perfume! My favorite is from Estee Lauder.

14.lotion or body butter
♡Body butter because I have very dry skin.

15.body wash or soap
♡Body wash, soaps just dries out my skin.

16.lush or other bath company
♡I’m not sure because we don’t have such shops here except for maybe The Body Shop?

I hope you enjoy these, maybe got to know me a little better. Catherine and I tag anyone who wants to do this tag. It was really fun doing it. Want to know the rest of the tag? Head over to Catherine’s blog now! Beauty By Catherine

Follow her here in Instagram: beautybycatherine
Twitter: beautybycatxo


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