Unpleasant visit

Unpleasant visit to Ronnie Optics.

Last week I went to Ronnie Optics, Plaza Merdeka to buy a few pairs of color contact lenses. I normally go to my regular optometrist for such things but on that particular day, I was lazy to drive all the way across town and Ronnie Optics was just a few steps away from my shop so I figured, why not since they sell almost the same brands anyways. I should have known that it was a bad idea. Not in a million years would I have expected the staffs to treat me like they did since we know the owners ourselves.

Initially,  I went to the senior staff but he asked another staff to help me with my contact lenses (I have no idea why, maybe to entertain other customers? Because he was on the phone) . I was ok with it as I’m only getting color contact lenses and nothing else. 

I wasn’t quite sure which color contact lenses I want to get because they have quite a bit of choices there so I asked the male staff for some advice. I also told him that I have astigmatism with dry eyes so that he can make better suggestions on which brands are good to try. He appeared nonchalant, and not a care in the world about what I just said to him. What I get is ah..ermm..scratch his head because he doesn’t know anything about contact lenses. He didn’t even bother to ask other staffs for help. So I told him, its ok I’ll figure it out myself. He just stands there looking at me , waiting impatiently for me to finish choosing. Giving me the look that says ” hurry up because I have more important things to do than to wait on you “. Is this how customers are being treated now? Somehow, I told myself to just overlook it because I am a very patient person, not the type of pick a fight, make a fuss or say offensive things in your face. But my patience has a limit too.

I chose a brand called Freshkon, I told the male staff about it and he went to get the contact lenses with no prescription power straight away before I could tell him that I would like to check my eyes with the Autorefractor because I know both of my eyes has different prescription powers and I do need 2 pairs of different prescription contact lenses. How could he not know that I want to get color contact lenses with prescription when I’ve already told him?

Then he helped to check my prescription with the autofractor, took him a bit longer because he didn’t get it right the first few times. I don’t mind at all because I know how it is when you’re not familiar or new with something. I don’t hold it against him.

I ended up with 2 pairs of contact lenses by Freshkon in the color Baby Aqua. A pretty light blue color. Rm40 a pair. Before I paid, I asked him if the products are faulty, can I come back to change. I mean in case, who knows. He didn’t know what to say so he asked a fellow staff. She told me that I cant change the color if I go home, tried it and don’t like it. Hello, thats not what I asked. I didnt asked to change the color, I asked if the contact lenses are faulty as in stings the eyes, uncomfortable, blurry visions, then she said “Freshkon is the best, never have any problems at all. And nobody has any problems with it”. Ok. I trust you since you work at an optic shop.

I then went back to my shop to try them on. After I put them on, I noticed that it’s blurry. I don’t have a clear vision, worse than not wearing anything. I was quite puzzled because I’ve never encounter such problems before with any contact lenses be it color or clear. So I took it out to clean it with solution and then tried it on again but its still the same even after a few tries. I thought maybe my eyes are not used to it so I wore the contacts for few more hours to see how it is.

After few hours has gone by, It’s still blurry like when I first tried it on so I went back to Ronnie Optics. I went to the senior staff this time. I told him nicely that I just bought the contact lenses but it’s blurry, how come it’s blurry, I can’t see clear of anything. He wasn’t sure that it’s the contact lenses or am I just making it up because he said the same thing, saying that Freshkon is the best and no one ever complain about. I’m the first customer ever to have such experience. He didn’t offer any explanation to why the contact lenses are blurry and he’s not willing to change as well. So I asked him, if tomorrow it’s still like that, is there anything I can do or can I change. Maybe I got a faulty one or worse, an expired one. He unwillingly said ok, come back if it’s still blurry. No apologies, no explanation or any sort of that. I felt like I’ve just wasted my money, down the drain on something faulty and yet there’s nothing I can do about it. The staffs at Ronnie Optics are not much help at all.

The next day, I tried the contact lenses again but they are still blurry. No change. Same as yesterday. I’ve got no choice but to go back and change the contact lenses.

The senior staff was not happy to see me. He unwillingly told me I can change, but first, he wanted me to “wash” my contacts with their solution and put it on infront of them to see if its actually blurry. Hold on. Wait a minute! Are you implying that I’m making this up? Do you think I want to change for no reason?
I’m speechless!

I went with a friend this time. She also noticed the way they treated me. Like its a criminal offense to change faulty contact lenses. How can it be my fault? Tell me because what did I do to get such treatment from them. I did not raise my voice, I did not pick a fight, I did not scold you, I did not blame you. I did not fuss. I even say sorry. So why?

The senior staff also told me that Aqua Baby no more stock (all of the sudden? That’s questionable! ) so I have to choose different color. I chose a blue again. No surprise there. I like blue color contact lenses, it’s why I chose blue in the first place. Don’t tell me that you think the reason I want to change the contact lenses is because of the color. Because it’s not. Its blurry. Who wears blurry contact lenses anyways? And why bother to wear something that’s blurry which is worse than not wearing? Use your common sense please.

The senior staff even told the staff who “served” me that it’s the last time I can change. If it’s still blurry, then there’s nothing we can do for you. Wow. Can I file a complaint to the Freshkon HQ now.

The new contact lenses that I tried on are still blurry but not as bad. Still, no apologies from them.

I’m very disappointed with staffs from Ronnie Optics. First, your staffs are not equip with enough knowledge about contact lenses, I don’t even wanna go to prescription spectacles. Then, the customer service sucks, totally no respect for the customers. First time in my life I experienced such terrible treatments. I’m truly disappointed with the staff, but don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Ronnie Optics at all.

What would you do if this happens to you?


9 thoughts on “Unpleasant visit to Ronnie Optics.

  1. Freshkon isn’t the best! Can’t believe they said Freshkon is the best instead of “It depends on everyone, some people find them great, some people don’t.” Dear, you are not I have problem with Freshkon too!

    I think the lenses somehow just don’t suit my eyeballs. They won’t stay on my eyeballs! Every time I blink, the lens will moves upwards. So annoying! I just can’t wear them all day without this problem. I would always ended up took them off once it started to move upwards EVERY SINGLE TIME I blinked. When I first tried Freshkon, I thought it was just that particular pair, maybe I was unlucky. I didn’t went back to exchange but I bought a new pair, same thing happened. Bought exactly same one for 3-4 times, the problem still occurred. Finally gave up on Freshkon after trying for 3-4 times.

    I’ve tried Blincon, they’re fine~ You can give them a try! But I find them a little dry too on my eyes, I even feel that clear lenses will dry out my eyes. Maybe my eyes are very sensitive. 😦


    1. Thanks Cherry. I thought I’m the only one that experienced such problems with Freshkon lenses. But then I found out that there are actually a lot of people have more or less the same problems like the visions not clear, dry just that they kept it to themselves. That’s why I find it so funny when the sales assistant told me that “nobody ever complain or experience any problems with Freshkon”. Nothing is perfect, I don’t expect them to be, but just don’t give me such attitude like I shouldn’t complain or changed the lenses. I really felt like I just threw my money away for nothing. Like you said, Freshkon isn’t the best. Such optic shops really bring down Freshkon’s brand with such despicable attitudes!


      1. I had work in this company for part-time in other branch, and I knew some customer complaint about the service about that branch long ago. but what I knew are this branch had take over by business-gentleman from west Malaysia, and quite amount of customer had good impression of his service and very professional. Company staffs (I think are those who not discipline staffs) had changed also company system had changed, what I heard from my formal members, some of them wishes to transfer to that branch as well ^..^ it might be a good change 😉


  2. everytime i buy the lens i juz straight away wear in front of them coz i hv an experience buying a pair of lens and found that there juz a lens in the packaging…anyway…i also agree wif u about how the staff of ronnie optics @ plaza merdeka treat their customer…they treat me like i cant affort to buy any of their items…


  3. Hai,

    Do you ever know that contact lenses fitting need to be done by qualified Optometrist? Prior to contact lens fitting, you need to go through an eye examination. Contact lens fitting evaluation need to be done under slit lamp, you cannot just buy it and put on your eyes! Contact lenses have parameters that same as your shirt’s size. Contact lens is not a cosmetic stuff but is a medical device that directly contact with your eye.


    1. Hi there,

      Yes I am aware of that, which explains how disappointed I felt, not to mention the ill treatments I got from Ronnie Optics staffs.

      Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated it!


  4. I got cheated at this exact shop as well, selling overdue contact lenses, the sales girl seemed suspicious when she opens the box after I paid, I realised later that it’s done so that the date on the box cannot be seen. The date on the inner box tell otherwise. Never go to this branch ever again.


    1. I think @Zin, you had missed understand,I think that brand of contact lens you purchased are Blincon contact lens, so far what I know ONLY Blincon contact len company want staffs cuts the box cover with detail tag to prove that the contact lens are sold with date of purchased and available for Ronnie staffs to claim little commision, and Blincon guarantee exchange within all optical shop last 3-6 months between expire, so as your words said the shop might sell expire contact lens are not truth since Blincon company had guarantee promised with their client shop, what for Optical shop want to take the rish. I think you could double check with all Ronnie Optical shop, this is the Blincon culture with Ronnie Optic had many many years, since I had work part time with them in a year. I very confident all Blincon contact lens are not expire, since the Blincon Company are available for them to exchange for last 6 months of expire date.


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