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LC DERMA is a newly launched skincare brand in Malaysia specialises in aesthetics, advanced skincare, supplement industry and pharmaceutical for many years.

Not only that, with 8 Manifacturing plants , LC DERMA has an indepth experience in research and development, in house and also with international renowned experts. They collaborated with international renowned experts and partners such as Mibelle Group Biochemistry.

What does LC DERMA stands for?
● Liposome + Cosmeceutical

What is LIPOSOME ?
● Are tiny bubbles made up of phospholipids which are essentially liquids that sit inside thicker liquids.
● They are bubbles that are capable of encapsulating material beneficial to the skin.
● A carrier system that reduces skin dryness and traps moisture under the lipid membrane to hydrates skin layers.
● Do more than just deliver moisture to skin cells, by creating a barrier over the surface of the skin.

LC DERMA pride themselves of 7 NOs:


It is very crucial to our skin’s optimal health that our skincare products are pure from all these irritants. Thank you LC DERMA for not including them in your skincare products.


I have tried 3 products out of the whole range.
They are:


A good moisturization is a sustainable source of youth and beauty for the skin. With it’s unique features, Lipoceu Hydra Moisturising Serum is readily absorbed, providing and intense long lasting nourishment and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin, leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, supple and moisturize.

Direction of Use: After cleansing and toning, dab a small amount onto face and apply gently and evenly to the entire desired areas. For external use only.




The moisturising serum is in a gel-cream form that’s able to moisturised my face well enough that I don’t need to use moisturiser after.
The moisturising serum came with handy pump. One pump is enough for my entire face, including the neck.

The ingredients list
Expiration date on the bottom of the serum.


I use this both morning and evening after cleansing and toning my skin. The texture and consistency of this moisturising serum is silky smooth, in a gel like form. Makes my skin soft and moisturised, but not heavy or sticky. I noticed that it absorbed pretty quickly into the skin after a minute or so. I really enjoyed using this, and my skin around the mouth and cheeks are less dry and dehydrated after using this serum. No breakouts, bumps under the skin or clog pores so far, thank goodness. This is so well formulated in my honest opinions because it’s rich and moisturising at the same time but not heavy at all. It actually feels very lightweight for something so moisturising. Worked very well under makeup as well, and no tight feeling throughout the day. I find that it actually makes my makeup adhere to my skin better so there’s not slipping and sliding. I’m also less oily on the T-zone, maybe due to the fact that my skin was adequately moisturised. It doesn’t mention that it’s able to prep and prime the face as how a primer would, but I do find that it does work as a makeup primer in terms of making a smooth and moisturised canvas for the makeup.

Next is the UV CC CREAM,

An Exclusive, light and non-greasy UV CC Cream, offering anti-aging properties, intense moisture and better coverage to imperfect skin along with broad spectrum sun protection SPF30. It helps to even out complexion to create smooth, radiant and natural glows skin complexion.
Direction of Use: Dab a small amount onto perfectly cleansed and toned face. Apply liberally and evenly to the entire desired areas.

Came with pump as well, which is what I always look for in skincare and makeup products, for hygienic purposes. And of course handy.
The UV CC CREAM is tinted
The ingredients list

Expiration date on the bottom of the packaging as well as the bottom of the product.

For the Cc Cream, I used it as sun protection because it has built-in SPF30. This CC CREAM helps to even out my skin tones as well as offering sun protection for when I’m outdoor. I used this to the beach, outdoor activities and I did not burn at all even under the scorching sun for hours. Normally I would get a bit sunburn from other sun protection. It does leave a visible white cast if you don’t blend well into the skin, so make sure you blend well. I can use this alone on days when I’m just running quick errands as it does even out my complexion and cancel out the redness around my nose. You can also use it under the makeup for extra coverage if you want to. The finish of this cc cream is somewhat satin, not too dewy. I do set with powder if I want matte look. Luckily this cc cream did not break me out, partly because I do a thorough cleansing at the end of the day even if I’m using this only without bb cream or foundation.

Last but not least, the Lipoceu Turnaround Mist. This is a toner that you spritz on the face after cleansing before serum or moisturiser.

Turnaround MistWith an ultimate experience on this refreshing & nourishing Lipoceu Turnaround Mist, you can rediscover youthful and healthier-looking skin. It provides a surge of hydration and intense nourishment to skin, to restore skin’s comfort and helps to improve the sign of aging.Direction of Use: Spray onto the face once or twice and allow it to dry. Use morning and evening as part of your skin care regime. For external use only.


The ingredients list
The mist/toner itself is clear. Smells very much like Seabreeze, sea salt kind of smell. I love the smell so much because it reminds me of the beach. Very relaxing smell for me.

This Lipoceu Turnaround Mist is very soothing, I spritz on my freshly cleanse face and let it dry completely before I use the moisturising serum. I can go about doing my things after I used this mist without any tight or dry feeling that I get if I don’t put on moisturiser. My skin did felt a lot smoother and less dehydrated with this mist.

I also experiment on the Lipoceu Turnaround Mist by using it as eye mask (DIY eye sheet mask)
As you can see here, the dryness around my eyes are lessen after I used it. Much more moisturised as well.

Overall, I find that LC DERMA products to be very effective on my skin which is combination, easily dehydrated and prone to breakouts as well. I’m very happy with these products because I didn’t experience any breakouts or irritation while using them exclusively for 4 to 5 weeks now. These products are reasonably priced for the results you get. LC DERMA products does what they claimed, that’s enough for me. I personally find that they performed above average , even better than I expected and I’m very happy with the results that I got. I would repurchase these when I run out, highly recommend it for you to try them too.



where to buy?


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