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SKINFROSTING: Get Glowing Skin With Amask Gold And Stem Cells Facial Mask!

Today, I’ll be doing a review on a very special sheet mask. I was sent 1 piece of sheet mask known as Amask Gold And Stem Cells Facial Mask by Amask Singapore.

Amask™ is the first ever product launched by SL Secret Beauty. Formulated in Switzerland, every step to create Amask™ is well taken care of even the re-packaging is done in a HACCP and HALAL certified facility. The philosophy behind Amask™ is aimed to create a product that is a must for one’s precious. A value product that is back by visible and lasting effects. Within just 3 months from launching Amask™ is currently being sold in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.


Amask- A must for the precious. ” Combining miracle ingredients of stem cells, herbal extracts and gold flakes, this ia an All Purpose mask that Hydrates, Whitens, and Age – defends your skin. 98% of the users found visible improvement after 2 consecutive uses (* Tested result from 64 asian male and female aged 25-50 years old) Suitable for all skin type” .


On the back of the packaging, you will see the expiry date printed on the bottom right, it’s for you to keep track on using the mask before it actually expired.


Upon opening, you will see the sheet mask drenched and infused with the Miracle ingredients serum with tons of gold flakes.



Since only 1 piece of sheet mask was sent to me, I can’t attest the product’s full potential therefore I can not validate their claims by using continuously for 2 days but I can tell you the results I get from only 1 usage of Amask Gold And Stem Cells Facial Mask. Before using, I put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.
The sheet mask is thicker than other sheet masks available out there and I do sometimes prefer this type of thicker mask because I find that it doesn’t dry out my skin as I do used it longer than recommended.


The sheet mask feels very cooling on the skin upon contact, the serum is thicker therefore it doesn’t drip down my neck as thin watery consistency serum tends to drip more.

The texture of the serum is very silky as well, glides on the skin so smoothly. I didn’t notice any scent at all which is a plus for me. Some sheet masks do have strong floral scent that really irritate my nose.

There was a lot of leftover serum in the packet. I used some of it on my neck, décolleté and hands. It absorbed very quickly even the gold specks dissolved into my skin.


After 30 minutes, its time to take off the mask. Still plenty of gold specks left on the sheet mask itself and also on my face.

My skin feels very hydrated, even after 10 minutes without putting anything on. Normally I would have to put my serum and moisturiser on right away because my skin will feel dry and tight if I don’t. I experinced some sort of “glow” “well hydrated, dewy like skin” with this mask could be from the extra dose of hydration from the mask. My skin’s redness was slightly reduced as well. Luckily I didn’t have any reaction or irritation to my skin. So no breakouts or whiteheads (as my skin is quite reactive to what I introduced to it, acne prone, sensitive skin can give it a go as well).

As for whitening and anti aging, I can’t really say much as I haven’t used enough to show any results and also because the company didn’t send enough sheet mask for me to try. I do wish I can try more times to give you a more conclusive result like what’s the effect after using for 2 consecutive days compared to using only one sheet mask. So Sorry girls.


Acne, Skin Allergies Reduction
●Gold has been used in the past for it’s medicinal properties that can help in healing a few diseases.
●The antioxidant properties present in gold helps to increase better blood flow, blood circulation which leads to reduction in acne and skin allergies.
● It is also anti inflammation.

Restores The Elasticity of The Tissues

●Slows Collagen depletion
●Slows down the elastin to prevent sagging skin.
●Stimulates cellular growth to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells
●Provide a visible tightening effect

With all these powerful benefits that you can get from a single sheet mask is quite impressive in theory since it won’t cost you an arm or leg as compared to what luxury spas charges. Then this is what I will call “Super Mask Amask” get it? 🙂

Historical Highlights of Gold Usage:
It is believed that Cleopatra herself wore pure gold for a radient complexion. She slept in gold mask every single night to enhance her captivating beauty. Egyptians also believed the healing power of gold could cure physical, mental and spiritual ailments. In ancient Chinese medicine, the Queen of Ch’ing dynasty used a gold massage roller on her face daily.

Many luxury spas uses 24-carat gold leaf treatments to hydrate, firm and moisturise the skin. And these treatments are not cheap at all. They can cost USD 450 and more for a single treatment but now you can reap the gold benefits for way less with Amask Gold And Stem Cells Facial Mask.

You can get Amask Gold And Stem Cells Facial Mask here:

Website: Amask Singapore



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