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SKINFROSTING: Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion review.

Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion has finally landed in our Malaysian shore. And since I’m crazy about my acid toners so it’s no surprise that I’ll get this.


Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion is a mild acid toner that contains Gluconic acid to slough away all those nasty dead skin that accumulated, softens the skin, removes any traces of remaining makeup that might have left from not doing proper cleansing. The toner/lotion also helps to prevent clogged pores and breakouts from the exfoliating effect it has.

What is Gluconic Acid?
-A.k.a Gluconolactone
-Gluconic Acid is a polyhydroxy acid that occurs naturally in our cells.
-It’s often found in anti-aging products to plump the skin by hydration.
-Also found in some skin bleaching and fading products.


I’ve included this in my daily skincare routine for more than 6 months now and I’m half way done already. I only use this in the morning after I cleanse my face. Why only in the morning? It’s because this is a mild, gentle acid toner that doesn’t increase photosensitivity as compared to my other stronger acid toners. 

This mild peeling lotion is suitable for all skin types even on sensitive skin. It’s mild but it does work wonders to my skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin to prevent any clog pores as I’m prone to clogged pores which always leads to acne. I’ve had less breakouts since I’ve used this in conjunction with Alpha H Liquid Gold every other night.

If you are afraid to use acid toners or as a first timer to acid toner, you can try this because it’s very gentle on the skin but you can definitely see and feel the results. Your skin’s texture will never be the same, for me it’s much smoother, brighter and baby soft. I also noticed that my other products works better when I do use this lotion.

Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion retails for Rm49.90 (170ml) at Watson/Guardian.


2 thoughts on “SKINFROSTING: Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion review.

  1. Oh I’m so glad you post products like this! Like, I said earlier , I’m on an acid exfoliator right now but I’m looking to try some other products when I run out!


    1. you’re so like me, I’m really into acid tones right now. The hada Labo mild peeling lotion is very affordable too. Have you tried Pixi Glow tonic? I’ve heard good things about that one.


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