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SKINFROSTING: Liquid Gold by Alpha H Review.


I’ve always wanted to try Alpha H Skincare products especially the infamous Liquid Gold. I’ve just heard so much about this cult product and since I’m running out of my Olay overnight Resurfacing serum, why not try this next. I bought mine from Luxola website. Very reliable and super impressive customer service.

I’ve been using for a month or two now and I’m loving it..There, i said it! Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would work on me at first because it’s some serious stuff here. There’s even a seal label that says “concentrated skincare” sounds seriously dangerous. I was thinking “holy crap, what did you get yourself into now”.                         


When I first read that, I was quite nervous to try it because I don’t want it to ruin my face. Although at this point I was already using glycolic acid treatments religiously for almost 2 years now.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is a “skin resurfacing treatment uses a state of the art, low PH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage”.

It is basically a glycolic based treatment that you use at night for “overnight facial” if you will to radically improve the skin’s appearance and texture.

Liquid Gold is specially formulated for mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing and acne-scarred skin. And sadly, I do fit into one of these categories. I’m looking at you hormonal acne.

My experience with Liquid Gold have been amazing. I’ve incorporated it into my night skincare without any problems / complication. 

Initially when I first used, I felt warming sensation and tingles all around my face. It was pretty scary because non of my glycolic treatments has that effect on me. They do tingle a tiny bit but not like how this is. I supposed it’s just how liquid gold works. I read it’s normal and many experienced it too. So, dont be alarmed when it happens, it just shows that the treatment is actually working. I’m not entirely sure the percentage of glycolic is in Liquid Gold as I read through the ingredients list and they don’t say.


Liquid Gold is an intensive overnight treatment that requires you to apply onto cleansed skin each alternate night. I just moisten it on a cotton pad and apply to face as well as neck and décolletage. 


After you apply it, you won’t need to (unless you want to but it wont be as effective) put on your other skincare products for an “intensive overnight treatment”.

It absorbed very fast into the skin, you won’t even feel tacky. It’s dry to the touch in a matter of 30 seconds. Go to bed and feel the difference the next morning.

The results for me was really amazing. I can literally see improvement the next morning after my first usage. Surprisingly, my skin seems plumper (even though no moisturizer), face is visibly brighten, my pores are significantly smaller, less blackheads on nose, texture of my skin is so soft and smooth and my post acne marks are lighten/faded as well.

If I have any blemishes, active breakouts, cystic acne, liquid gold will clear them up overnight. They are less red, inflamed and heals faster than normal.  I don’t really use acne treatments, just Liquid Gold.
This is why I’m so impressed with liquid gold.

After the first month, I noticed that my pores are less likely to clog. This is huge for me because I always get those annoying tiny blumps on my cheeks and chin area that turns out to be clogged pores. Me and clogged pores are not good friends because they will turned into acne eventually. As if acne is not bad enough, I still have to deal with post acne marks and on top of that, I’m also dealing with fine lines and wrinkles all at the same time. I’m not getting any younger and the big 3-0 is approaching soon. Well…, not that soon, still few years down the road. But You know what I mean.

If you have problematic skin like me, you would love Liquid Gold. Now I understood completely why there’s a cult following.

My skin loves Liquid Gold very much, also I’ve seen so much improvement on my skin to deny how great it is. And I knew from the first use, that it would be my holygrail product for a long time.

Liquid Gold is a highly recommended product from me. I think everyone should try it, at least put it in a must haves list before you forget.

You can visit Alpha H website

Where to buy in Malaysia?


8 thoughts on “SKINFROSTING: Liquid Gold by Alpha H Review.

  1. I’ve heard about this when I was looking for some AHA to incorporate to my skincare.. I think this is a higher glycolic content than the one I have. I used a 10%.
    Let us know of your progress!


  2. Aaaahh..after reading this, i’m a lil confused as to which i should go for..if only they have a trial size or a sample for this. Thanks for the review:)


  3. I have this in a travel size and was excited about it but I’ve been a little afraid to try it (y’know, the eczema issue and all) but now that I’m reading your experience of it, I’m really thinking of finally cracking it open. I originally bought it off Luxola because it did sound so miraculous. Wish me luck 😉


    1. Yay! This is my holygrail chemical exfoliator and I’m quite surprised my skin love it😄 let me know how it goes for you after trying Liquid Gold! I have another one for backup as well whenever Luxola offers great bargains😛


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