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Phyto Hair Creme Review.

Today, I’m going to do a long awaited review of Phyto Hair creme a.k.a Phyto 9 Ultra-dry hair Nourishing day cream with 9 plants is a leave in hair treatment/conditioner for ultra dry,  coarse hair.


There’s 2 formulation, Phyto 7 and Phyto 9.

The difference between Phyto 7and 9?
  *Phyto 7 is for dry hair and Phyto 9 is for ultra dry, damaged and coarse hair*

To me, this is like a hair moisturizer if you will. I picked this up a while ago..sometime last year. I got to know this product from Lisa Eldridge, a famous makeup artist. She talked about it in one of her youtube videos and it was intrigued by it. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I really like it.



I am really glad I got it because it’s one of those products thats worth the hyped. Some hyped or raved products just doesn’t do it for me. So I’m really glad it worked well on my hair.

Personally I dont really like to use hair moisturizers because they are tacky and just sits on the hair. They dont absorbs well and doesn’t seem to do anything good. But not this Phyto 9. Not only is it not tacky but it absorbed into my hair so well without any grease.
It helps to nourish my dry damaged hair especially after perm or dye where the hair is being stripped of moisture. You will need this hair creme if you constantly like to change your hair colour or experience frizzy hair from humid/dry weather.

It can restores hair to a healthy state and makes the hair uber soft and smooth. It’s too good.

I would totally recommend Phyto 9 if you have dry damaged hair or Phyto 7 for Normal to dry hair. It’s has done nothing but good to my hair. I definitely would repurchase it again once I’m out.


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