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Dr G Brightening Balm Review.

You know I’m always on the hunt for good, decent bb creams to acquire flawless yet natural look. I rediscovered this bb cream. It’s the Dr G Brightening Balm.


I remembered this bb cream too well because it was the 1st bb cream I bought at Sasa MidValley more than 6 years ago when bb creams were the “it” thing.

As always, before buying I will read up on it and found mixed reviews online. Mostly good reviews so I decided to bite the bullet and got it (it ain’t cheap too). Not one but two. One for me, one for my aunt Cecilia.

I was so excited to try it. It really gave me flawless look but I also experienced cystic acne which I’ve never ever had before. I blamed it all on the bb cream and since then on, I never want to try any bb creams again because I feared they will break me out too. I started to get into bb creams again a year ago and I’ve never looked back since. I love how flawless I looked when using them.

I got the Dr G Brightening Balm again to try. I was curious to see how it would fare on me but scared at the same time too of the possible breakouts that might happen.

I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and no breakouts so far. I think it might have something to do with how I remove my makeup at night. I have to admit that I didn’t do proper cleansing when I used it in the past so thats why the breakouts happened. So ladies, if you think your makeup is making you breakout, think again. It might be that you’re not removing all of the makeup off. Using only cleansers are not enough.

ok. Let’s get back to the bb cream.





Dr G Brightening Balm does give me a very natural coverage. Medium coverage but you can easily layer it to full. Able to give me an eventone and cover my post acne marks very well. So flawless as if I’m poreless!

Its thick in consistency but easy to spread. As you can see from the pictures, it does have a pinkish undertones but since I’m very fair, it worked well on me. But if you’re darker, I think it would look ashy.

As for the “brightening” effect, it does that when you’re wearing it. Definitely brightens up my dull complexion.

It’s such a shame that this bb cream is only 1 shade because it’s a very good bb cream. Lasts at least 8 hours before I can see any dewiness on my T-zone.

I would totally recommend Dr G Brightening Balm if you’re in the market for a new bb cream to try. Just make sure to remove it thoroughly at night so that it wont clog pores or cause any blemishes.


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